Find a Wix website

Finding a Wix Website

Allows search machines (e.g. Google) to find your website | Help Center

The Wix pages are easy to use. Our promise is that all your website contents can be searched and referenced by Google and Bing for example. In this way you enable your website to be included in your results by searching engines: To add your website to your results, click the Allow button next to Suchmaschinen:

Humans can find your website by looking for key words and expressions in key words in searchengines ( e.g. Google ). Persons cannot find your website if they look for key words and key words in key words in Google for example. Please note: You do not need to update to a premium plan in order for your website to be found by webmasters.

Important: After publication, it can take up to 3 month for your website to appear in searchengine results. All changes or additions to your site must be reviewed by searching machines (e.g. Google) before they appear in your results. They can help accelerate this proces by sending your site map directly to Google.

Tip: For a step-by-step schedule to help enhance the overall performance of your website's advancedEO.

Access Wix Site Templates | Help Center

??? ??? ??? Sorry, we could not find any results for this request. Attempt to use different keywords or navigate through the different catagories. There is a large selection of styles available in the Style Sheets section. Visit us regularly, we are constantly adding new patterns! Just scroll through the category on the leftside or use the field to find a particular pattern.

Find your Wix username | Help Center

Wix Username is part of your free site URL ( To see your username, move your mouse over the control box in the top right corner of your website displayboard. Tip: To find out how to modify your username. Thank you for your comments! We' re happy it worked!

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