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What happens when you finish this perfect book just to look on your shelf and find that you have no more new books to read? There are 10 websites to help you find your new favorite book. Want to see some of Lee's other work, but oh no! Don't be afraid - there are many sites that can tell you who (or what) to look for, depending on your favourite writers and artists. Likewise is a dating-website that brings together humans on the basis of reader preference.

While you may not find the man or woman of your dreams, you' sure to get some great new recommended books.

So what should I next do? You can' stop remembering the little novel you just completed? Enter the name of the writer or writer and What should I next see? Generates proposals. Every work has been reviewed by the titles editors, and every referral is followed by an excellent abstract and critique.

Kuratiert by mainstream authors and journalists, the latest NPR favourite Sarah Vowell's Unfamiliar Fishes and the brainchild blockbuster The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson are included in the NPR Reading Guide. An easy way to keep track of the existing ones and find new ones that might interest you. GoodReads is the gold reference for all library collections, with a vast catalogue that can be searched by category, name, writer and ISBN.

What kind of manual can you look for new manuals in by adjusting your sound on several floating dials? There is also a gliding gamut for characters, storylines and settings; if you are in the mood for a novel about a 26-50 year old heterosexual female in South Africa who has many turns, you have... well, at least one list of them.

Every day, Bookbub emails its members great suggestions (and serious discounts!) for recommended titles in your favorite genre. In a similar way to the easy-to-use, uncomplicated way of using libraryThing, YourNextRead has its own function MyMap that tracks links between volumes you have been reading and links between you and other like-minded people.

" Enter your favourite author and a list of similar writers will appear.

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