Find out what Theme a website is using

Explore what topic a website uses.

Click the right mouse button anywhere on the page and select "Inspect" to get the specific source code for that page. To find this file, the easiest way is to search** for the term "style.css". Because WordPress makes it so easy to change and modify your design, more and more users are curious about which design a particular website is using. Topic if you want to find out whether a Web site uses WordPress or not.

What is the topic a website uses?

Often the name of a topic is displayed in the bottom line of the website if it is a free topic. Otherwise, I'll look at the sources and see if I can control which theme is used from there. You are looking in the sources for a style sheet and something like '...wordpress/themes/MyThemeName/css...', where MyThemeName is the name of the theme.

You can then do a web sweep on this topic, probably find the initial developers and either get it or buy a copy of it. does not seem to use WordPress and the sourcecode does not disclose any kind of topic. It' probably custom-designed.

Nevertheless, there are many WordPress topics out there that are very similar in look and feel. When it comes to a customized design, you may be able to see what it's like, but there' s a good chance you won't be able to get it from anywhere. It is also not advisable to copy the codes or topics from the website as this is not ethical and may be unlawful.

Thematization - How do you know which theme/theme name a Drupal page uses?

Now, how do we know what topic a Drupal site uses? I' m trying to look at the page resource of a Drupal website, but I can't find out what topic or theme name the website uses. It can be obtained from the sources of any page. There is a preference value in this arrays named "theme" that contains the name of the theme used for this page.

Similar to very similar in Draupal (by default). However, there are ways to rename/convert these defaults to make songs hidden for playing via drug. Simply right-click on the Dropal icon picture or the icon picture of any Dropal website that pops up and choose "Check Item". Inside the picture'src the following name is "themes/" the name of the topic; e.g. www. themes/... then the topic is barstik.

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