Find Plugins used in a Wordpress site

Locate plugins that are used in a Wordpress site.

Theme Detector from Satori. Tested for: Topics and Plugins. Tested for: Topics and Plugins. Tested for: Topics and Plugins. Tested for: Topics and Plugins.


A good suggestion for the plug-in! I' ve just released my latest Google Chrome extension called "WordPress plugin sniffer", which recognizes WordPress plugins on any WordPress website, you can view/install them in the Chrome Web Store: - Have fun! I tried to figure out which plug-in was used in the past and used Chrome to figure it out.

Never thought about "googling the WordPress plug-in without the dashes and appending "Wordpress Plugin" to the end. Lovely notion, I was looking for these hints to check out my competitor plug-in, and it worked! I' ve just discovered a plug-in used by my competitor. Akismet uses this website to help us minimize the amount of spamming.

To quickly find and manipulate topic and plugin codes

Work with WordPress can be simple. And even you, if you have nothing to do with the coding or designing, you can still get your WordPress page up and running, and you can begin authoring and posting within a few moments. When you need to expand your WordPress page, you can do so by adding some of the million plugins and topics available on the web.

However, if you are more serious about your website, you will have to adapt one or two things in time. Regardless of how good a design or plug-in is, how many choices you get with it, it's just not possible to make everything work. If you know a lot about WordPress, changing a file can take two minutes, or it can cause your whole site to go down after you' ve spent countless hours on it.

Please make sure that you know what you are doing and that you always have a secure back-up stored in a directory outside your servers before you begin changing the data. Once you've chosen it's change time you can get bogged down in a first stage - locating the right executable that contains the source tree.

Because WordPress is made up of tens of different pieces of data, it can be difficult for a novice to find them. This is no longer a hassle for WordPress designers as they already know the template hierarchy by heart. of course, they can also use WordPress to create their own templates. However, if you are not so much interested in programming, you should get informed about these plugins that can help you a great deal.

As soon as you have the thought that the shortcut for this plug-in is WTF, you will see how really awesome the plug-in is. As soon as you have installed and activated it, What the File creates a basic menue point right in your taskbar, next to your user name and your great picture.

When you open a page on your website, you can mouse over the What the File option and the plug-in will show you which parts of the templates have been used to build that particular page. You can click on the name of the original that will take you to the editing page.

This can be great for making small changes, but be very cautious when you edit templates directly from WordPress. Like you can already see, the plug-in is pretty simple, but it can help you identifying templates that you want to change quickly. Therefore we would like to present another free plug-in that can help you even more.

If it is not enough to find the right pattern, the String Locator is a help. Suppose you want to change a particular HTML item in your design or a plug-in you have already used. While you can quickly find the item by checking it through your web browsers, you will still have trouble figuring out the filename that made it.

Now that you are working with customized designs and plug-ins, your filenames may have different meanings than the ones you are used to. Developers might have put a piece of work in a seperate folder to facilitate further processing, and you can stick to finding the piece of work in as many as a hundred different folders.

Instead, you can use the Text Locator. When you decide to use this plug-in, you don't have to think about which style sheet to use to create the particular character set you're looking for. No matter if you are looking for a single keyword, a whole sentence or a bit of coding, this plug-in will be able to find it.

Everything you need to do is go to Tools -> String Locator to browse and begin your quest. It then searches all your themes and plug-in file installations and finds the keyword. It is even possible to choose the subject or plug-in through which the plug-in should look.

Once you've clicked the Find pushbutton and given the stringer a few seconds to unfold its magical power, the results show you the character chain, the filename it's in, and a line number. With the plug-in you can manipulate this particular data and immediately emphasize your keyword!

You can now modify any part of a theme/plugin, you can compile its hard-coded parts, and you can eliminate manual scan through a file you don't know. Whilst these WordPress utilities can help you a great deal, we still recommend that you take good care of your website.

Please also keep in mind that many programmers can't help you if you make a mistake by changing a topic or a plug-in yourself.

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