Find Sites using Wordpress Theme

Finding Sites with Wordpress Theme

Now open the result and see what you find. They can search for Wordpress topics on and then click on the search results and be redirected to blogs with that topic. You often have ideas and inspirations that you have seen on other websites.

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Recently we wrote about an post that explains how to find sample files of WordPress-based websites with topics. Today I wanted to release a new website named WordPress by Example. It is a WordPress dedicated web site that has been developed to present sites with topics related to keywords such as photographs or marriages.

WordPress by Example was created by Joris Van Den Bogaert and offers three different ways to find it. Premium WordPress free WordPress theme and free WordPress theme. Like any other searching machine, it works with the help of catchwords. For this example, I used the term wedding with the organically searched name. Some of the results were pertinent and were modifying topics for marriages, while others were not.

Supplementary information displayed will include what topic is used on the website, information about the website and the topic origin. On the right side bar, there are button to buy the theme, go to the current website, or display a demonstration of the theme you're using on the website.

Now there are literally hundred of topics that are shared daily with WordPress. Featuring all the different WordPress topics available in so many different locations, a holiday home business has evolved that tries to organise and index them all. QualiThemes, ThemeSorter and Yellow Themen are just a few good example. Neither of these topic finder shows websites that actually use the topic.

Whilst I like the concept behind WordPress by Example, I couldn't help but note the number of sites that have been slaughtered beyond recognition. What a great time! So I think it's better for a theme firm to put together site display cases that really show what the theme is able to do. See why good webmasters are still needed with this powerful web site searching tool.

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