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Finding a topic

An introductory video for finding topics in texts or films. You can find the original CSS of the theme with the web inspector tools of your browser. It's not that hard to find your choice of topics.

11.4. Find topics

Browse by category on the topic page. Is the topic cultivated how proactively? When a topic is proactively updated, you can regularly anticipate bugs and enhancements. Which kind of evolution does the topic go through? When you choose Under Live Processing, you can anticipate new functionality being added, and some issues may still be changing.

Selecting Maintenance fixed only means that the design is regarded as completed. Completed ventures have already undergone an authorisation procedure but may still be underway. Look for a keyword in the topic name. Arrange your results by searching according to criterias like Most installs (popular topics that many websites use) or Last releases (date of last published version).

Select Find. Results of the query are displayed. In order to further rate a topic, click on its name in the results page to go to the projects page. A few issues to consider when assessing topics: Describing the topic on the projects page should be clear and useful. You can also use a screenshots of the topic to rate it.

Information about the project: In this section of the site, alerts may appear, e.g. if a topic is no longer being discussed or is no longer included in the SSA. Information > Reports on installations, downloads: They can see how many persons have down-loaded the theme and how many websites are using it.

Verify that there are open questions, possible issue related issue. Records, Resources: Verify that the topic has either written information or a RAADME that can help you with installation, configuration, exploration, and testing.

This is how you can find my topic selections

It'?s not that difficult to find your choice of topics. While most WordPress topics use the same default theme selection buttons, it is not necessary to modify them, but if you need to modify one or all of them, this manual will help you. According to your web browsers you have to open the development tool or just right click on the article header and choose "Check element".

It allows you to see the topic selection that your posting header uses, usually a headline with a category that is thus applied: If this is the case, the HTML tag HTML tag hr1 is followed by an .entry header for the category. This is also true for all other theme selections you need, and if you use the Browser Development Tools to check the design, locating the theme should be simple.

They are the most frequently used theme selections in any WordPress theme and are already enabled when the plug-in is enabled. After you have typed in all the topic selection buttons in the preferences, click "Save changes".

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