Find Wordpress Theme used

Find Wordpress theme used

AKA WPTD, WP Theme Detector allows you to see what kind of plugins and themes a particular WordPress page uses. When you think that a website that you admire uses WordPress, all you have to do is enter its URL and click the button. You can rely completely on WordPress topics that are already "a hit" on the web. Where would you find information about the topic used? The WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool that allows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme and the plugins that are currently used by a website.


The WordPress Topic Detector: Determine which WP theme is used on this website.

You have seen many a particular WordPress related web site or blogs many a time and you have probably asked yourself which WP theme it uses. On some occasions, you´re is not even sure whether it uses WordPress or not. Many pages even have the bottom line showing which WordPress theme is used, and in this case there is usually a hyperlink to the writer, vendor, or publisher of the theme.

So, just click this button to find the information about the WordPress theme you´re, see if it´s is available to you, if it´s is a free or premier theme, and whether you want to receive it. In most cases, however, the information about the topic used is not available in the bottom line.

It is possible with some fundamental engineering skill to find out which WordPress theme a particular website is using, e.g. by verifying the HTML sent from the web site and examining it from there. However, wouldn´t it is much better to use an on-line utility to do all this automaticly for you?

That´s exactly what WordPress Theme Detector does. It' a free on-line utility that allows you to find all the detail about the WordPress theme currently used on a particular website. Too many times you will find a sub-topic with no significant detail about the superordinate topic.

For this reason, WordPress Theme Detector always verifies that the found topic is a sub topic, and if so, the utility will also find and show all available detail for the super topic: So if you are interested in a topic and it happens to be a sub topic, sometimes it is won´t of some use to you to simply get the information about that sub topic and nothing else.

First, you need to be notified that it is a subordinate topic, then you need to know which other topic is its superordinate topic, and then you want to get as much information as possible about that superordinate topic (which is what you were looking for, even if you didn't know).

Otherwise, except to return from your quest with futile information, you will never learn that what you really liked about this subject (and what prompted you to examine it) was really its overriding theme, unless you are being told of its very existence and provided with its pertinent information.

The WordPress Theme Detector works well on many different configuration, not only if the default WordPress /wp-content/themes/ folder is present in the page under investigation. However, there are some cases where the web designer deliberately wanted to conceal the information on the topic, so that there is a way to get the required detail at won´t, neither by using such a utility nor by the effort of a manually performed query.

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