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The Dine is a WordPress theme that specializes in quality food and service. Worldpress / Entertainment / Restaurants Cafés. This theme comes with four homepage layouts:

Top 10+ Restaurant WordPress Themes for Catering Companies

Occasionally going to a beautiful restaurant - whether it'alian, gourmet, latin, mexican, indican or japanese - not only saves us the cooking work, but is also calming, relaxed and usually a truly delicious event. When you are the restaurant proprietor, you can address and engage more visitors and clients through an engaging web site.

The creation of a website for your restaurant can be accomplished with a few easy clicks using WordPress and a WordPress topic of the restaurant that is the foundation of your website creation. Then you can fill your restaurant website with great contents like beautiful pictures, your menu, promotions or anything else you want to present to your precious people.

If you are still looking for a beautiful WordPress topic, then please take a look at our fine WordPress themes library, perfect for basic pastas and salads dining, classical Italians, Indians, Thais or Chineses, fast-food dining, unusual dining or anything else related to the restaurant, caterer or restaurant trade.

The ROSA is an SEO-friendly and performance-optimized WordPress topic that is perfect for restaurant sites with a business feel. In addition, ROSA provides several great functions and choices to customise your restaurant website and your brand. Appetit Bon is an attractive and feature-rich restaurant WordPress themed.

Build advanced restaurant web sites and give your customers a great booking tool to make bookings with ease. Appetit Bon has a full-featured lay-out to view pictures, menu, special promotions, or anything else in a clear way on all your portable and mobile desktops. The Dine & Drink is a WordPress topic, but provides all necessary functions and possibilities to build beautiful web sites for any kind of restaurant.

There are 5 sample style options to select from - Fine Dining, Salad or Pasta Restaurant, Cake or Coffee Shop - and customise colours, menustiles, headers, backgrounds and more to suit your needs and more. You can use your WordPress website with your Gastro software to build all types of WordPress websites: pizzerias, fastfood outlets, restaurant, gourmet or other.

They can also take advantage of a fully reactive lay-out, as well as optimized search engine optimisation and limitless headering to build restaurant sites that are truly special to your company. WordPress The Flavour is a fine WordPress topic for restaurant web sites. With this great WordPress topic of the restaurant, your pictures and pictures of interiors, menu and kitchen are presented pixel-perfect on high-resolution equipment.

Take further advantage of the built-in motion fader and various customisation settings to create truly great sites. It is a highly adaptable and multi-faceted WordPress topic that can be used for both contemporary and traditional restaurant web sites. You can present your menu in a nice way with our service, make a booking for your guest and bring your clients to you via your well-structured overview or contacts page.

At the same time, it provides all the main functions that a well-functioning restaurant website should contain. Barbecue is a very contemporary restaurant WordPress topic with some unusual and gentle paraallaxffects. The WordPress Restaurant WordPress topic comes with a page creator that is supplied to easily organize your website contents using simple simple drop & dragging.

With Restauranté, you can choose from several user-defined page styles to organise and organise your website content: detailed products pages, traditional blogseed, restaurant menu, nice homepage and many more. The Tevolution plug-in provided allows you to continue creating your own customized mail type to view your contents according to your wishes, needs and demands.

The Capella is a classy WordPress topic of the restaurant with some unusual extravagant parallelism. Featuring a rich WordPress restaurant style sheet, this enhanced management window allows you to customize your website to your needs and preferences. The Capella has some more great functions like a fully functional lay-out, return availability and a professionally designed booking and enquiry forms.

White-rock is a feature-rich WordPress topic that lets you build all kinds of different restaurant web sites. The Ristorante is a great tool for WordPress sites about food service, restaurant or cuisine. With this restaurant WordPress topic you can use the built-in events request form so your restaurant visitors can make easy reservation and booking.

Use the full-screen slide control to display your menu, meals and kitchen in a nice and attractive way. What do you think of the restaurant? Do you ever use one of these WordPress themes for your website? What was your favorite topic? We are always pleased to receive your comments on our thematic collection.

If you haven't found the right topic yet, please have a look at this WordPress topic library.

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