Firefox Black Theme

Black Firefox theme

Tip ] Activate hidden secret dark and light themes in Mozilla Firefox. These tutorials will help you to activate 2 concealed topics in the Mozilla Firefox web browser: Those who appreciate a minimum GUI will definitely appreciate the bright theme and those who appreciate black or black theme will appreciate the Firefox black theme. They are both integrated and pre-installed with newer Mozilla Firefox releases.

So, we will not be installing any third parties theme or add-on. We' ll just use a straightforward way to get these invisible issues activated. Last evening I found these topics already activated in the topic area of the last month's builds and a little research in the about:config page help me to bring these topics into the robust Firefox state.

In fact, these topics are part of the Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition. It is a new Firefox release similar to Beta, Aurora and Nightly. The Developer Edition was developed especially for web developer to quickly and simply create and test applications, web sites etc. with Firefox. Firefox Developer Edition comes with these 2 topics already activated, but Mozilla has deactivated these topics in other Firefox releases.

Therefore we will activate the theme in the Firefox webrowser. Let's take a look at these two topics in practice before we begin with the tutorial: When you are done adding these 2 concealed topics in Firefox web browsers, just simply go through these easy steps: We need to use the Firefox extended about: configure utility to activate these topics.

Open Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar and hit enter. Enter the topic in the Search Filters field and you will see some results in the screen. Select the activated browser.devedition.theme preferences and it will set its value to true. It will immediately enable the lighting theme in Firefox. It will immediately switch the Firefox design to the Firefox Design using the Firefox Design Pack.

In this way you can toggle between darks and lights by setting the value of the devtools. theme to darks or lights. When you want to turn off or turn off the theme of the developers editions of Firefox and Firefox Explorer, double-click browser.devedition.theme. enabled again to set the value to wrong and the standard Firefox design will be applied.

The Firefox standard design is also restored when you return to the Firefox Customize Preferences with the Firefox menu key -> Customize -> Reset Defaults. NOTE: If you want to change between Dark, Light and the standard Firefox theme often and don't want to use the about:config page every times you want to make the change, here is a way to make the job simpler.

The following procedure adds a new feature to Firefox Development Tools (F12) to activate or deactivate the Dark and Light topics in Firefox. You simply need to toggle the toggle between developers edit topics and standard Firefox topics. Using the developers tools (F12) you can change between dark and light topics immediately.

So, simply complete these simple procedures to include the immediate ability to enable Developmenter Edition designs in Firefox: Re-open about:config and enter the topic in the Search field. At this point, hit the F1 12 button to display the Development Tools bar below. When you click the setting symbol (gear symbol) on the Development Tools ribbon, you will see a new "Use Development Editor Browsing Theme" item.

Activate this checkbox and the design of the Firefox application will be immediately applied to the Firefox screen. It is also possible to toggle between dark and bright designs using the selection knobs specified there. When you select the "Use Explorer theme of Development Edition" checkbox in Development Tools (F12), a new "Use Development Edition theme " icon is added to the Customize taskbar dialog box when you select this checkbox.

So, you don't have to start the Developer Tools every Toggle Between Developer Edition Theme and Standard Firefox Theme every Toggle between Developer Edition Theme and Standard Firefox Theme, just right-click on the Firefox title bar and choose Customize and there you can toggle between Developer Edition Theme and Standard Firefox Theme with the new Buttons. In order to toggle between Dark and Bright topics, you must still use either the Developer Tools pane (F12) or the about:config approach as described above.

PLEASE NOTE: There are some folks who use Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition and want to get away from the integrated dark/light topics. You can use the back of this tutorial to deactivate dark/light topics and activate the standard Firefox theme.

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