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Complete Firefox Topics - Add-ons / Topics For the last few years I have used FT Deep Dark theming. FF was today up-dated and this topic is becoming obsolete, like tens of other full topics. Where can I get old themes that are not compatible with the new one? Complete themes are not compatible with Firefox Quantum and there are no blueprints to make them available again at this point.

However, it is a pity that complete topics will not be available for the time being. I' ve always been a big fan that Firefox is, but now I can't stand the thing that makes my eye so terribly hemorrhaging. I' d like to say good-bye to Firefox. I' m using the latest Firefox Quantum 57 Minimum Topic, it is possible to delete the space of the first page and the top of all the pages (see appendix), which pages are editable and what the categories are, someone please give me suggestions.

I have been using Lava Fox themes for years! As for those who say they will now change to Chromes, are you sure it will give you the themes you love in Firefox?

Does the standard design outperform the standard Firefox design? By the way, in my own view, full topics have always been one of the least useful functions of Firefox, so the assumption that the removal of their assistance has contributed to making this web site slimmer and nastier, I'm in favor. Darkness isn't enough.

Only the front-end part is hidden. Dunkles Thema is only a restricted dunkles Thema without image. Personally, I just don't like the new design - or all the shallow / quadratic / monochrome UI styles that, by the way, seem to be the new one. Do you have a (different) place to make a public complaint to the Firefox development team?

Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as earlier releases, but I don't mind. Firefox speed/performance has never been a problem for me, but the new look and ability to modify it is definitely there. Cairo: But it was a choice of the add-on crew that along with other older add-ons, complete themes would be outdated and that there would be no complete substitute for them.

Not notifying in any way, perhaps with an annunciation, that old and/or full topics are no longer compliant with FF 57 and beyond, is inappropriate and completely untypical of what I have seen with the FF vision. Seeing my new browsers, rigid and awkward, that it could be now AFTER the latest release came out, was quite a shocking after using LavaFox themes.

Unfortunately, according to what I've been reading, designers now have to go from the ground up to build a full-size design. How much did the "add-on" people deliberately consider this topic when they decided that complete topics with newer vision are no longer feasible?

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