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Fish Pig Wordpress

This video course teaches you how to install WordPress and integrate it into your Magento websites using the FishPig WordPress Magento extension. WordPress Integration We have 86 user reviews for WordPress Integration. There are so many who think that Magento can be screwed to a Wordpress installation under the mistaken belief that Wordpress is the center of the universe. Actually, you need to begin with Magento and then incorporate Wordpress into Magento, not vice versa.

Extremely simple way to extend your Magto with additional great functions. On of the worst things on Magento to do is to use the WYIWYG editors when you need to build a beautiful CMS. The Fishpig Magento Wordpress expansion is really great plug-in for the maintenance of Magento CMS pages. Truly great enhancements and great customer service. It is a great expansion; perfect documentation.

Mr. Fishpig has done a good job setting up and managing a Wordpress/Magento interface. An important thing to be understood about this expansion is that the Magento Fishpig plugin functions as a Wordpress front-end. Continue to use Wordpress for all your administrative functions. Disadvantage is that only certain Wordpress plug-ins are used.

At Fishpig we sell addons that provide some of the most common Wordpress plug-ins. Fishpig's advantage of the built-in solution for Wordpress/Magento is that Magento designers do not need to master Wordpress developing techniques...they can simply use trusted Magento style sheet/blocks. It does a great job to integrate Worpress with your Magento Stores and save a great deal of work in Wordpress style design to look like your Stores.

Indispensable for everyone who wants to run a serious blogs besides their Magento installations. Excellent enhancement and great tech support-. It does a greatjob and the installation procedure is really simple. Good work! And there's another great expansion here.... I'll buy it in the near term. Large expansion, this was a hassle-free setup with clear, easily understandable prompts, was up and run in less than an hours, even if it had to be installed manual (our Magento setup is maintained with git).

However, I had trouble with the multistore expansion, which did it itself, as I am relatively new to using both Magento and WordPress, which was no big surprises. Great pumping with this expansion! For a long and long period of times I haven't done a WP installation manually. Installation on your computer: Installation on your computer and integration with Wordpress.

Great expansion, really a good work, I've been working with both Wordpress and Magento for years and this plug-in is really useful, you can have everything you need, give your support efficiently. Who is this expansion intended for? When you want to create a new or existent WordPress and especially want to integrate it into Magento so you can drag and drop your blogs into Magento, Auto-Link to blogs from Magento product/section.

Outstanding Magento expansion! Great Brian N. Expansion, worked without problems. Setting up with the help of the install documentation was very simple. My shop has a multi-store layout and each shop has its own blogs. I just added this expansion to my Magento shop and everything worked very well. With Magento 1.5.

and WordPress 3.4. 1, the setup was very fast and simple, and the integrations are fantastic. Excellent expansion, excellent work. When you are looking for a WordPress integrated that works with Magento. Pays for the installer and was done the same morning, great work Ben at fishpig.

Nice expansion - please download WordPress first and then the expansion. It is a great free piece of equipment, I also decided to get some fishpig customized work and Ben is an ultimate jewel to do it.... will have some more customer work done by fishpig.

There are 2 notes on full integration: Fantastic expansion & works well for me with 1.6.2!

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