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Hot 42 Creative Flash Site Templates If you' re not Steve Jobs, you'll probably find plenty of free moments to take advantage of Flash! At Tuts+ today we present the good work that our writers sell on our markets, and for your sophisticated taste we have compiled a listing of 42 of ActiveDen's most fanciful Flash page templates, some of which are so good that they might even seduce old Steve!

It' s perfect for a photographer who wants to view more than one folder. Featuring a full phone book entry phone book and an XML-driven repository that you can now browse with the arrows, the submission is a great update from the first one! Remains simple to set up and has a number of enhancements (including more rugged troubleshooting and files downloading management).

This is a straightforward yet stylish page to present your work convincingly. The MD Galerie Advanced is developed to let your work stand out. The design of this toolkit is from the bottom up to make it easily updateable, customizable and understandable. Every section has its own custom configuration externally, so you can get over 300 configuration files without opening Flash!

There are many upgrade options and additional functions available in this release. XML portfolio templating v3 is a complete Flash Web site that is fully maintained by native HTML file types that use module -based authoring tools to manage your Web site's contents. Designers range includes a full-screen website submission with great movement, clear styling and deep linking assistance. There are over 65 pre-defined configurations in this templates file in configurable format, complete flexibility in setting up your pages, and a 40 page book.

The " FullML Website VB3 " is an app that allows anyone to build a Flash website without a great deal of Flash coding skills. ELITE template allows you to set some defaults such as the web page colour by default, the Full screen view options, the background (s) integration, etc. Simple to maintain, you can substitute the available logo with your own by using simple cml.

Everything you need to create a great website or website or portfolio is included in this bundle. This is a beautiful pattern that is fully AS2 based. Developed with the intention of producing something neat and easy, seasoned with strong and vivid imagery to convey your ideas.

Richardson's full-screen Flash movie with easy-to-center contents and a customizable scrolling bar that works in all web browser. It is a total package consisting of modules that are easily implemented, modified and managed. This is a sleek and stylish way to present your product range. Supports pictures and fluxes, and contains sources, fonts, and help documentations.

Multi-mask Portfolios is a classy across-the-board collection that allows you and your work to be presented in an intelligent and unique way. Added new functions and 7 new moduls. It is an XML-driven multi-category photo gallery, with a beautiful, easy scrolling effect on the right and right sides. An easy, elegant and professional-looking XML-based slideshow page.

Website templates without using HTML files. The FullML Website 2 is an app that allows anyone to build a Flash website without any great Flash coding skills. It is very simple to modify, just modify the co-ordinates within AS of the menus key. c_tween2. because it is a kernel (mc_tween_2_28_29. mxp) that you need to have installed before you can edit the flat files.

It is the ultimative way to create, edit and launch your website in Adobe Flash, even if you don't know anything about the action script languages and don't have a copy of the program. The site contains the major errors, an example of a section, all the prototype images you need, an HTML page with Flash Detection, and a full installer of the Flash plug-in if needed.

It is a direct way of presenting one' s own work that requires little attention from the observer, resulting in longer stays on the site and more work for more people. Complete Web site using full functionality- this is a module-supported Web site templates. A retrospective display with a beautiful zoom-in-and-move-on effect.

Every object is a vector that makes it easier for you to deal with it. This is a beautiful SWF address supported artwork designed to give you a good view of your current mix. This is a very sleek and neat horizontal motion graphics project with externally uploaded About Us text and a PHP-based contact sheet.

It' a full xml-supported website for private persons, creativity studio etc. to present your portfolio in a beautiful and professionally way. It is a fully XML-driven presentation tool designed to present photographs or designs. All, from the menusystem to the titles to all pictures, is fully XML-controlled.

You can fully customize this website without having to own Flash. That smart little number is great for a web site like this. Is a FULL FLASH page that allows the user to easily organize the display of images in FULL FLASH format. Featuring a wealth of features, this page layout is great for those who want to show a succinct (up to 20) portfolios of their work.

Supplied bundled with a phone book contacts sheet and an XML-based repository, the submission is simple to set up and even simpler to implement! Premium Flash is a fully customizable and easy-to-use web submission with many great functions. Premium Flash templates support depth linkage, i.e. you can create links to any part of the website.

Flash not necessary! It is a templates where you can move the contents to get a free feel, it is quick and useable. It' completely xml-based, you can quickly modify it and put your website up and running as soon as possible. Simply, classically, clean, easily navigated, XML-controlled, AS2, in short: a perfectly vertical portfolio submission.

It is a fully XML-driven website for vertical portfolios that you can use without much Flashing. Black and white is a full screen flash image with deep linking.

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