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You will find all available themes bundled here, or you can purchase overlays, warnings and panels separately! Torch - Full Screen Wallpaper Portfoliothema by Kriesi This topic now support WooCommerce 2. The Flashlight is an elegantly designed and highly customizable WordPress Portfolio and Photography Theme that is suitable for both programmers and developers with no programming skills. Its design offers a variety of choices that allow you to change layouts, styles, colors, as well as font styles directly from the back end.

There are 5 different gallery types to ensure that you can present your work in the way that best suits your work. Full Image Sliders and GalleriesThe full image slider adapts to the monitor of your visitor's monitor and performs other than other topics, performing very smooth transition, even on large displays with 2500 pixel and higher monitor sizes.

The majority of galleries are able to show the Camera Exif information if you want to tell who, when and how your images were taken. This topic is structured with a view to best practice regarding CEO. Full screen: The full frame slider adapts to the monitor of your visitor and other topics make very smooth transition, even on large monitors with a 2500 pixel or higher monitor size.

This is a rotten load grating galery that doesn't cut your photos to size. Known from Facebook, it allows endless scroll, i.e. when the visitor rolls down, more photos are uploaded. This way you can simply release large quantities of photos. Photos are placed in front of your contribution without clipping. You can also have the sliders in the foreground, so your viewers can move between slide shows.

connected inline: Pictures will be added to your message without crop. A list of pictures shows an intelligent tool tip with descriptions and excif information when moving the cursor. As well as the pictures added to the posts, you can also view the pictures in the backgrounds so your viewers can move between them.

WordPress Defalt for image embedded is of course also support. Particularly useful if you want to show the galleries somewhere between 2 contents as you can easily control the issue with the shortcode[gallery]. Under the unusual top level submenu in the side bar of your theme, you can create as many as you want.

Generate widget areas that appear only on specific pages or postings if you want. This theme also comes with built-in additional widgets: This design works with discreet Java script, which deteriorates graciously if the user's web browsers do not have it. Present your project well organised on your web pages so that your customers don't get wasted.

  • File Framework: File Framework: Remove standard twitter widget due to changes in your TWitter API. Folders to update: Updates to the latest release of the file Framework: Updates to the latest release of the file Framework. CAUTION: This upgrade will add the long-awaited enhancement to the gallerist. It is recommended that you perform a data base back-up before updating.

Once you have upgraded all the data and opened your administrator back end, a Gallery Converter will upgrade your old art gallery and converts it to work with the new Manger. Added folder: config-wpml: enhanced support for Windows XML interoperability. Pictures from creattica & psdtuts+:

The pictures are protected by copyright and are not available for downloading.

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