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The Flat Design is a minimalist design approach that emphasizes ease of use. A lot of designers regard it as an offshoot of minimalist web design. Flat web design examples, one of the most influential trends of recent years. The Flat Design is a design style for the user interface that uses simple, two-dimensional elements and bright colors. Keuomorphism creates a sense of familiarity by imitating materials, while the flat design remains true to its medium and often feels minimal and utilitarian.

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A flat design is a minimalistic UI design generation or design vocabulary often used in graphic surfaces (such as web appliances and portable apps), especially in graphic material such as poster, artwork, guides and publisher output. The Flat Design is an interfacing design technique that emphasizes the minimal use of styling features that convey the three-dimensional impression (such as the use of cast shadow, gradient, or texture)[1] and focuses on a minimumist use of basic features, type, and flats.

Designer may want a flat design because it allows a slimmer and more effective user interfaces design. It' s simpler to communicate information quickly without being optically pleasing and accessible. 3 ] In addition, it facilitates the design of a user surface that responds to changes in web browsing sizes on different machines.

Using minimum design features, sites can download more quickly and change size slightly while still looking crisp on high-resolution displays. 1 ] As a design concept, it is often juxtaposed with skeuomorphism[4] and rich design,[1] although flat design can use skeuomorphs as well as a realistic UI. an example of flat design.

In 2014 Apple also upgraded its makOS with a flat UI design similar to its OS X Yosemite equivalent. By 2016, most of the key portable OSs had flat user interfaces customized, among them BlackBerry 10 OS, Samsung Electronics/Linux Foundation Tizen OS, KDE Plasma 5,[quote required] and most Android OEMs such as Samsung Experience, LG UX and Huawei EMUI.

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