Flatbook Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Flatbook Theme

Mr Erik Tailor has released a WordPress version of the FlatBook template. Apartment - Apartment FlatBook - Apartment Flatbook Sell WordPress Theme by eriktailor website

The FlatBook is a highly reactive online page that sells the WordPress theme page landing page, making it ideally suited to present and promote a novel or any type of item in a neat, contemporary, flat styling look. Designed to be as simple as possible to use, so it doesn't really make any difference what your learning curve is, FlatBook will offer the ultimate way to make your e-book or bookland page stand out!

The FlatBook comes with a full featured theme adjustment with more than 100+ customized options, giving you the option to change the look, feel, colour and many other options immediately - without having to update the website - making the theme adjustment fast, funny and simple. Adjustment functions:

The FlatBook comes with a convenient Pagebuilder template that allows you to create as many pages of the PageBooker as you need within the same website. There are 6 header layouts, 13 content areas and 3 footer layouts to select from. Head layouts: Contents areas: Layouts for the footer: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or support on this topic.

When you have a proposal that you think would enhance the topic, please post a note with the detail and it will be taken into account.

Apartment - Apartment Ebook Html Sale template by EricTailor

The FlatBook is a fully reactive, hand-encoded manual or e-book that sells the Planting Page HT-ML5 artwork with a stylish but uniquely shallow look in limitless colour layouts. The FlatBook is perfect for any company or individual who wants to present an e-book with a neat, professionally designed boatstrap3 land page in a minimum, eye-catching way.

Clear shallow design: The FlatBook has a stylish but uniquely clear and minimalist look with integrated Flat device mock-ups and parallelaxis. The FlatBook has been conceived in such a way that it is 100% fast to respond, i.e. it suits perfect to all types of equipment such as desktops, tables, smartphones, etc. With FlatBook, you can select from more than 500 different types of fonts.

Html5 / C3 valid markup: The FlatBook is accurately hand-encoded with a neat semiantic HTML5/CSS3 mark-up and has been successfully verified with the W3C HTML5 validation services. Adjustable cinematic 3 css motion effects: There are a dozen elegant, adjustable styles of custom animated style in the templates, but if you don't need them, they can be turned off at will.

Care has been taken to create places for customisable pricing charts and users' opinions to make it easy to persuade your people. Works àjax & phi Kontaktformular with validation: The FlatBook has a fully functional HTML5 validated admin interface for your web site using HTML5.

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