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Glimpses, although the other rating metrics absolutely love Flatsome! Flatsome theme developers claim that their product is perfect for this niche. Flatsome discussions | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce topic hello, is it possible to fade out the prices for some products and fade out the buttons, put them in the shopping basket for some products and click the "find out more" buttons? At the moment I only succeeded in hiding the prize with the following code: add_filter('woocommerce_get_price_html', function( $price, $product ) { if ( is_admin() ) ) return $price; // hang for these category shoes / identifications $hide_for_categories = array( 'bomboniere-green', 'carta-piantabile' );

Do not display the prize if it is in one of the if ( has_term( $hide_for_categories,'product_cat', $product->get_id() ) ) category. Returns'' ; } Returns $price ; // R├╝ckgabe Originalpreis }, 10, 2 ) ; add_filter('woocommerce_cart_item_price','__return_false' ) ; add_filter('woocommerce_cart_item_item_subtotal','__return_false') ;

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Which is Item support? Another frequent problem that can arise when you install a WordPress theme is "The packet could not be reinstalled. Design is lacking the style.css. style sheet type errors that appear when you upload or activate the design. Part of the reason you can get this bug is if you submitted the wrong one.

There are 2 ways to download your design. Make sure you just download the installed design named NameOf Theme.zip. You will get an errormessage if you load ALL these data sets. Login to your WordPress administration area. Navigate to Appearance > Topics. Search the topic's zipped archive and choose it under 'Upload'.

Verify that you have bought a WordPress theme. Article compatiblity is shown on the article page (below the purchaser evaluation on the right).

One of the basic differences between WordPress.com VS WordPress.org is that WordPress.org itself is host and allows you to create your own customized designs and plug-ins. Your article's accompanying manual (usually a PDF or HTML file) contains information specifically related to its use. Please consult the article's creator for assistance. Where can I test the interoperability of elements?

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