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Philly Flyer. Philly Flyer.

Meet Gritty.... He' s loyally, but mischievously; the Flyers fans' ultimatum, who likes oranges and blacks, but is unwelcome to anyone who resists his outfit. According to tradition, he was given the name "Gritty" because he had an approach so similar to that of the crew he followed. He has been busted a few and a half nights consuming snows directly from the Zamboni vending machines, and for most it's unknown that his passion for dog food has been blowing up the Flyers Dollar Dog Night for years.

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The Philadelphia Flyers preview: What will the squad do this year?

This morning we published the first part of our annual over/under play in which we advise on different flyer lineups for the coming year. In the past seasons five flyers had at least 20 gates - Claude Giroux (34), Sean Couturier (31), Travis Konecny (24), Wayne Simmonds (24) and Jakub Voracek (20).

Five flyers with at least 20 gates. That somehow follows on from my response that Ghost and Provy combined 30 gates. Giroux, Simmonds, JVR, Couturier and Konecny have, in my view, reached this number slightly, and I think that Patrick has shown in the second half that he can also reach 20.

Giroux, JVR, Simms, Couturier, Konecny and Voracek should work. Don't stay asleep here on Nolan Patrick, he can also be a member of this clubs, especially if he resumes his game in the second half of last year' game. Giroux, Voracek, Couturier, Konecny, Patrick, JVR, Simonds all have the opportunity and should reach this level in theory.

This year, if this squad has difficulties to score goals, it's not because of a shortage of talents. JVR and a full healthful Nolan Patrick seasons will consolidate this quite well. But I don't see one of last season's five 20-man goalkeepers falling so far behind that they wouldn't score another 20 goals this year.

Gimme all your targets, baby. Yeah, the flyers will do. Think like seven or eight with 20+ targets this year. FOR ALL THE GOOD BUYS. Giroux, Konecny, Patrick, Simmonds, JVR, Voracek, Couturier. It' s been a while since the penalties have been paid.

for the NHL ranking of the pilots at the end of the year on the percent of penalties killed by killing (i.e. whether they occupy the 20. or better position, under the 21. or worse). Sending Vorobyev and loosing Filppula will rescue the punishment. Replacing Filppula and Manning, and Vorobyev is a good complement, but I really don't know if the problems were with the criminal murder because of the staff.

Over the years they have switched strikers, defenders and goalkeepers under Lappys penalties and nothing has worked. but I still don't have a lot of confidence in the criminal murder. It' a rail accident, which of course won't fix itself, no matter how many "penalty kick specialists" they try to beat this group.

Jori Lehtera because he is "responsible", so I estimate they will use him for the penalties until the basket knight is willing to pay, and then use the basket knight for the PK, which is still not good. Jori Lehtera will be back on the Flyers PK just in case of his goodbye outing.

Await all the grief, sorrow and torture of the Flyers for a fresh new set of 82 matches! Last year's flyers were almost strangely stripy. Five matches for the length of her longest normal victory run in the championship year....... It' s an unbelievably stripy squad, so why not? But I think the whole squad will still be insanely uneven.

It should be simple, always a straight forward group. No, but really, I think this is the year in which the squad turns the curve of consistence and begins to win consequently. Here are the flyers. Win as well as lose. These flyers have some sections where they should be able to link some victories together.

During December they have a series of matches against Buffalo, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Detroit. Last year, five of these crews voted among the top 12 in the design, and while Winnipeg made it to the final of the meeting, it looks like the Flyers will be on the most profitable track.

Play 5 matches for the length of your longest scheduled loser seasons. Now I can see this squad beating the runners for a while and lose five or six times. Even this squad is amazingly stripy, so why not? It' s dangerous given the story of this squad under this trainer, but there should be too much skill in this squad now to have a loss series of 5 or more matches.

Same as above, but with bullet out. It will come after a series of five games, because this is the way of the Flyera. You' re gonna have a long run of casualties just to upset all of us, just because. Loss-strip of 10 games = play-off mooring? These flyers have, at least at this point, a timetable that doesn't look so scare.

Of course, this comments could be terribly aging, but at the present time, they all have two or three matches a very profitable one. Maybe you've already noticed ( I would rather have forgotten ), but the last three Stanley Cups were all awarded to two crews in the Flyers' own divisions. The Flyers against these two sides won three out of four matches against the future champions last year and were competing against the Penguins in four normal seasonal competitions.

The 5 won against the penguins and capitals in their eight matches against these crews. Flyers were playing Washington quite well in their head-to-head match-ups, and penguins.... These flyers are not prepared for the Prime Timer player. To be honest, I'm not sure that one of these two team will be much better than the flyers this year.

Really I don't understand why the Flyers couldn't have won 4-5 of these matches. Pencils are in the heads of flyers and I wouldn't be caught off guard if I were wiped again. I think they get two victories against Washington and one against Pittsburgh, which will be the outside one. I just have to gain the outside play, the remainder can all be casualties.

When they are able to rob one or two games out of Pittsburgh for the purpose of over/underbounding and our minds, they should be good. Flyers had 14 OT casualties last year. You seem to be collecting a great deal of O.T. wastage. Fifty OT casualties in the upcoming seasons. The frequency with which flyers find themselves in the third cycle and place belated lead, we will probably do a ton of extra hours - once again.

When you give them 50% of the OT decision and 0% of the shooting game, (ok, that's a little bit drastic, but you get the point), I think you end up with at least eleven OT/SO loses, yes. Under Hak?s leadership, no NHL squad in extra time ever acted more like the Flyers.

Continuing this tendency and the flyers losing about half of these matches will make this an easier end. Flyer O.T. loss is an attitude towards living at this point. He' s playing it cool, and that makes a lot of O.T. matches. Like Kurt says above, there's only a barrel of Otto Flyers ice skating and sometimes it just doesn't end well.

They had 10 or more O.T. loss in each of the last five seasons. Since 2012 the flyers have collected one losing point each year in 10+ matches. The Flyers had a finisher last year, Sean Couturier for the Selke Trophy. Above/below 0.5 flyers which will be nominated as finals for the Hart, Calder, Norris, Vezina, Lady Byng or Selke Achievements.

Now, the tailcouturier will get a pitch. Kelly, I concur. Cuturier will be a Selke nominator this year. We got the coat on the Selke radars. Sean took the Selke home with him this year. In my opinion, couturiers are basically a castle for the Selke, with Provorov/Ghost probably getting a pitch as well.

As soon as you are nominated as a Selke finaleist, you are a Selke finaleist for lifetime. Actually, you've already replied, but Ghost or Provy gets a Norris pitch, and Die Cuturier is a virtuell castle for a Selke name. for Selke and Gostisbehere for Norris. Coustaur for Selke, Gostisbehere for Norris, Giroux for Hart.

Couturier's name will be back among the final ists of the final in a division where good defense centre + points = =Selenke. Flyers finished the last campaign with 98 points in the overall ranking. In addition, I am optimistic to think that this is a 100-point group. You' re gonna make the Playoffs, but you're not a 100-point outfit.

While I think this is a better side on papers than last year, a little drop-off in some areas (e.g. Giroux's score) will keep them from getting much more points. In many respects this is a better outfit than last year. I think on the face of it that this side is at least one victory better than last year's outfit.

They will still make the play-offs, but beyond the first defense pair and goalkeeper position, I don't know if they will make it over the 100-point hump. Obviously, they will. It' gonna shoot a lot of scores and it' s gonna be winning some game. In the last seasons the flyers ended with 98 points; with a line-up that hopefully will be optimised they should see an amelioration.

Five home play offs for this year's flyers. We' re getting two laps this year, family. So I don't think they have a home edge, so they will play against a higher stakes and probably a better outfit. Except if they somehow pull an enemy in a squad like New Jersey or Carolina, I think they'll bounce back in round one.

This may be because you are the home side in the first round and lose in 7 matches. In theory, this should be a better squad than last year, so I'm taking the lead. At least in the off-season I think this should be a good place to compete, which we haven't been able to say for some time.

I' m not thinking about this side loosing in the first round. Bringing the penguins into six matches last year, and at the same time launching the counterpart to a back-up goalkeeper on the net, was a masterpiece in itself. Above/below 0.5 matches that need to be stopped because of something Gritty did.

But I don't think the flyers will let him do anything that has the least opportunity to start or stop a match. Well, he' s a man of managed mayhem. He' s a country character now, he'll do something to delay the match and get more publicity. Imagine that, it's 82.

Flyers have to beat them and they're in the play-offs. It''ll take forty minute for a six-man crew to bring him down. As Gary Bettman, who was angry at Gritty's Possen all year long, decided he had enough. He' loses the match, the Flyers' loses.

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