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Philosophia Flyers Primary Logo History. Flyers classic Orange and Black winged P, which brings out hard hockey and looks back on the days of Broad Street Bullies. I' m going to go now: History behind the Philadelphia Flyers Brand

The Philadelphia Flyers' original logo, created in the mid-1960s by a Philadelphia advertising professional, has not changed in almost 50 years of its inception. Prior to the first Flyers 1967-68 campaign seasons, the squad adopted a name proposed by an owner's sisters, loaned paint from a Texas college, and selected a style identified by a dictionary as a second type.

Recently I talked to the Hall of Fame hockey author Jay Greenberg, who dealt with the flyers for many years and who was writing the Full Spectrum about the early years of the flyers. As Greenberg says, the name of the squad came to the New Jersey Turnpike in 1966 in an "Aha!

One nine-year-old kid called Alec Stockard was chosen from all the supporters who entered the name Flyer (or Flyer or Flyer or Phlyer or Phlyer) for the competition, and he won pass cards and a 21-inch RCA TV. According to Greenberg, other entered teams were the Ice Picks, the Acmes, the Philly Billies, the Green Backs, the Scars and Stripes, the Croaking Crickets, the Liberty Bells, the Quakers and the Ramblers.

Both the logo and the originals were created by Sam Ciccone, a design artist from the now non-existent Philadelphia advertising agency Mel Richman, Inc. It is difficult to find details about the origin of the logo. Ciccone and Tom Paul, the head of marketing who managed the Flyers logo campaign, both died long ago.

Greenberg, who reported on the Flyers as a hit journalist in the seventies and eighties and was accepted into the Hockey Hall of Fame last year, was commissioned by the Flyers to compose a second volume for their fiftieth birthday. That means he'll be compelled to deal with the obscurity of the team's video story when they introduced a three-dimensional Photoshop-filtered logo in 2002.

It' s almost half a Century old, but the flyer's identities are a favourite with enthusiasts. For Philadelphia enthusiasts, it's a combination of their city's Broad Street bullies and a particularly harsh hockey game. However, as for the make itself, it will always be associated with a service area on the New Jersey Turpike and the colours of a collegiate soccer team more than 1,600 mile away.

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