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This is a visualization studio that presents unbuilt architecture, gives your projects a face and promotes them in the balanced light of the virtual world. We specialize in realistic architectural visualizations. Discover V-Ray artworks created by Flying Architecture. A visual symphony for architecture. http://flyingarchitecture.

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We specialize in real architecture visualization. In addition, our website acts as a turntable for all 3-D performers (architecture, interior,...). We have a diverse range of both small and very sophisticated portfolios. In addition to the day-to-day work on our normal contract work, we always strive to make a difference by working on our own project, working with fellow student and artist collaborators, taking part in Arch-Viz and CG, competitions and organising work-shops.

This activity pushes our limits, experiments with new concepts, keeps our capabilities up to date and offers our customers the best possible results. We provide our professional service to studio owners, architectural professionals, design professionals, real property developers and advertisers around the world. Our work is flexible and tailored to the client's needs. Each and every job or design, from 3-D modeling to post-production, is thoroughly administered to guarantee a uniform, high-quality outcome at all times.

We have a long lasting track record, a broad range of products and up-to-date knowledge in our atelier. The results can help companies gain new customers, be valued by existing customers and compete.

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Architecture Flying for pupils of the classes 3 - 5. When you apply for a Needs Oriented Ambassadorial Scholarship, choose the number of kids you are currently enrolling for under the "Ambassadorial Scholar" heading, then click Sign Up. You will only have completed your enrolment if you send back your SCHOLARSCHAFT application sheet by 15 April 2017, indicating your requirements.

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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

One of the advantages of such side supports is that the exterior partitions do not have to be solid and weighty to withstand the transverse forces of the arch. Instead, the area of the perimeter could be decreased (larger window, glassed with coloured glass) because the perpendicular dimensions were focused on the exterior columns.

Construction of the early flying piers tend to have been more heavy than necessary for the structural load, e.g. the Cathedral of Chartres (ca. 1210) and around the vestibule of Saint Remi Basilica, which is preserved, an early example in its initial shape (ca. 1170). Subsequent designers gradually fine-tuned the flying strut pier and reduced the size of the leaflets, some of which were built with a thick tile of vensoir (wedge brick) and a capstone on the top, such as Amiens Cathedral, Le Mans Cathedral and Beauvais Cathedral.

Since most of the gravity is transferred from the slab through the top part of the partitioning, the flying strut is a two-piece laminated beam that has a semicircular arc that stretches to a solid pillar far from the partitioning, thus providing most of the load-bearing capability of a conventional strut that is connected to the partitioning from top to bottom, making the flying strut a more lightweight and cost-effective architectonic construction.

A further use of the Flying Buttertress system is to reinforce a sloping collapsible face, particularly a load-bearing face; for example, in the Chaddesley Corbett community, the practice of applying a Flying Buttertress to a strapped face is more convenient than disassembling and reconstructing the face. Saint Peter en Pauluskerk, ^ An architectural dictionary, James Stevens Curls, editor.

See "Cathedral of Chartres" for the functioning mechanism of the flying buttresses: James, John (September 1992). "Proof of flying abutments before 1180." J. Soc. Architect. Russ Rowlett, American Flying Buttress lighthouses, in the Lighthouse Directory. Mark, R. & Jonash, R.S.,'Windlasten an gotischen Konstruktionen' im Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 29:3 (oct. 1970), S. 222-230.

Architectural dictionary, James Stevens Curls, editor. Alex Lee, James Arndt, and Shane Goldmacher, Cathedral Architecture. "The Flying Column".

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