Follow up Email after Cold call

Tracking e-mails after a cold call

Directly after leaving a voicemail. Can we hope for a quick call [Date_Time]? What is the best way to send a follow-up e-mail after an unanswered reply?

You are not alone if you are a little uneasy sending a follow-up email. Instinct tells us that if someone has not responded to our first email, they are not interested and will not like it if we disturb them again. Only very few people say "yes" to the first question - or, for that matter, to the second, third or forth.

Indeed, Iko System's survey showed a return of 18% on the first email sent and 13% on the second. Number six in the list got a 27% return rating. Yesware's similar survey showed a 30% return on the first email and a 14% return on the forth.

You sent a group of 10 e-mails and even the very last one had a 7% return quota. Yet Yesware reported that a massive 70% of email chain stops after just one email without reply. Unnecessary to say that the dispatch of follow-up e-mails is indispensable (unless you like to miss the sale...) Do you need some advice?

Here you can learn how to post a follow-up e-mail without an answer. "An overwhelming number of e-mails are opened on the date they are sent, and if the addressee replies, he is likely to do so on the same date. This means that it is quite certain that someone who does not respond on the date you sent your email will not respond at all.

So how long should you delay before you send a follow-up email? Usually two or three day is a good amount of waiting before you send your first follow-up email. Then you should prolong the waiting times for each further e-mail by a few extra working day. There are no tough and quick set of instructions on how to deal with it, but Close. io Steli Efti, chief executive officer, suggests that you distribute your follow-up e-mails this way:

Well, now that you know how important it is to keep track, and how long (give or take) you should be waiting before you send any email, let's go over how you wrote the follow-up email yourself. It' important that you test different email subjects when tracking them. In order to help you compose your email, I've provided samples of what you could say in each section - with the notion that you can then merge everything into a customized follow-up style sheet.

But before you do anything else, it is crucial that you make a decision about what you want to accomplish with this email (or emails). Just what you want and need to get out of a follow-up email is likely to evolve with each and every ad you work on, and possibly even between each follow-up you do.

Attempt to improve your recipient's retention by opening your email with a link to a prior email or interactive message. If your receiver has a gap, he or she will respond more favourably to the follow-up if he or she has been told that he or she has already known you. All I wanted was to track the email I last sent [the date of the email was sent] via the email body].

Just wanted to follow up to see what you think about the [e-mail subject]. Hopefully that doesn't seem strange, but I've seen you reading my prior email. Subsequently, please describe the reasons for your follow-up e-mail, directly and concisely. Remember if this has not change since your last email.

If you are interested in receiving more information, just answer "yes" and I will mail you some brief documents. Can we hope for a little call [Date_Time]? Prost, Hi[First], I didn't get word from you last weekend when I was looking for the right guy to lead your part.

Please let me know if you are not interested or if there is another individual with whom you would like me to pursue you. Thank you, [First], I'm sending a follow-up on my e-mail. Thank you for your help, [First], I just tried calling you and leaving a voice mail. If you have the opportunity, please call me back at [your telephone number] or leave me a message.

Have you any other hints or suggestions on how to write follow-up e-mails without an answer?

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