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Load the font X. Template from deFharo. To create your first font. In this tutorial you will learn the minimum steps required to create a font. Click on "TEMPLATES" in the upper menu.

Font}}} Used to define text styles, such as size and color.

X. template-fonts

Most are fonts for use in screen sizes, ideal for creating illustrations, billboards, poster, poster, poster or typographic logo designs. Thanks for your interest in my font :) These fonts are free for your use only. When you are interested in using it commercially, you can purchase the licence.

So you can share my writings on your website as long as the loan deFharo is the initial autor more more URL. The font is for personal use only and must be licensed for use in a business context.

This is how you make your first font.

These tutorials describe the minimal necessary step to creating a font. Click on "Download Template" in the sub-navigation and click on "Download" in the opening dialog. Print-out the download template and fill it out with a stylus. Position your figures as shown in the picture below: Scanning the picture or taking a picture.

Once you have scanned or photographed, go back to the application and click "MY FONTS" in the top level menus, then click "Upload template" in the sub-navigation. Choose the template you want to upload in the dialog "Upload Template" via the pushbutton "Select a file" and click on the pushbutton "Upload Template".

The results dialog will take a few moments to appear. Press the "Add character to your font" icon at the bottom right. Now your character is downloaded into the application and you can edit it further or create further variations. However, we will keep it easy for this Tutorial, so we will build a font.

Click on the Build font and then on the BUILD buttons. Allow the Results screen to appear and review the results in the Thumbnail pane. To use your new font on your computer, you must first have it installed. Exactly how to set up a font on your system will depend on whether you are using Windows or a Mac.

In the newer version of these OSes it is usually only a simple click on the font files and then on "Install font".

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