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The food and still life photographer Ilva Beretta speaks today for part five of the series about creating moods in food photography. "Go play with your food" - no mother said. In this article it is about having fun eating through food photography. I' d like to know what words you use to describe your food photo style!?

Twenty food photography portfolio that will make you very starving.

Food photography is a singular component of comercial photography, with food enthusiasts often coming from cuisines. Food photography also duplicates the work of food stylers and even formulation designers, working on cook books, working with cooks, and diving into the food realm in general. Another thing that distinguishes food photography from many other photography styles is that pictures of nice foods are almost always attractive.

We' ve rallied these 20 gifted food-photographers together to demonstrate this point. Whether it' s beautifully designed desks or dirty cooking in full preparation - there's something for everyone. From Portugal to Sydney, these photographs have all the sites that give taste to their food shoot and underline their styles with fancy lettering or high-contrast, fat photographs with plenty of whitespace.

Herriott Nikole became a confectioner after her work as a photojournalist, and her work shows an apparent affection and esteem for food of all sorts. She often collaborates with Michael Graydon, her advertising agency's design studio partners, and photographs for a wide range of editors and business customers, focusing on topics such as travelling, lifestyles and food. The Herriott website is divided into seasonally inspiring art gallery sections that provide a unique insight into their work.

Nic Gossage, a Sydney-based food and motion picture specialist, gives his on-line photo collection a personal touch with a fat icon. Farins Food Photography has a strong tendency to be creatively inclined, with imaginative composition that takes her a step beyond the ordinary. British stylist Ant Duncan uses a distinctive corporate design to highlight his on-line photo album.

He also presents his latest works by using a new photo galleries as his homepage. Duncan's food photography is full of texture and diversity, from the taco to the cake. Sarah Distel, headquartered in the Netherlands, deals with both food stylings and photography. Like her food photography, Distels on-line photo collection is minimalistic and clearly laid out.

" Emphasis is placed on health ful and lasting food. "We all believe that food can change people's lives," says their website Organic. Sarah Pflug, a food photography specialist from Canada, divides her photographic product range into a number of art collections focusing on sweets, hearty and restaurants. His food photography is always meticulously focussed and with sharp detail, whether the shooter is photographing snow-white macaroons or dirty hot dogs.

This London artist shows his work in a grid-based format without text and keeps the main emphasis on his work. London geographer David Charbit, who specialises in food and interior photography, has worked for customers such as Tesco and Waitrose. Charbit's photography work has also been featured in The Sunday Times Magazine and The Guardian.

Charbit's food photography range is easy and neat, with dedicated food, interior and working style gallery. Sanda Paigamo, headquartered in Lisbon, takes pictures of food and lifestyles. Their eating and still lifes gallery shows well written recordings of delicious food set in similarly pleasing environments. Hélène Dujardin, a food photography artist, has been photographing for almost two centuries, working on tens of cookery books and with a number of big brand names.

Tamara Flanagan's website, a food and interior designer based in New England and Boston, presents a range of complementary food and food photographs as well as a range of complementary photographs of products and restaurants. Flanagan's website is classical and neat, with a plain serial script that accentuates her horizontal scroll gallery. Björn Tesch is a food photography specialist, with cookery books and pictures of pizzas making up a large part of his on-line work.

He keeps things easy with a minimum size logotype and small fonts that direct the spotlight on his work. In her food photography website, Mackenzie Anne Smith not only grips the observer with her precise point source but also with a fat printed split page about her work. Gabriel Cabrera works on food stylings and recipes as well as food photography and sees food in a singular way.

He has a range of personally food-inspired works full of vibrant colours and texts. Living in Vancouver, the designer serves brand names such as Air Canada, West Elm and Urban Outfitters. The Toronto photo artist Dan Robb has worked for customers such as Food Network Canada and the Toronto International Film Festival. Robust Robb uses a raster-based lay-out to present his colourful food photography in a way that immediately stands out.

Radhika Penagonda, a Bangalore-based food designer and designer, worked with finance for years before she discovered her passion for food photography. Your food photography concentrates on plain food and naturally lit foods. Made up of a creativity manager, stylists and photographers, this group works together to make the food look its best. Designed with a sleek but eye-catching design, the brand adds a short enough brand note to your product range to make your visitor want more.

The Fred + Elliott was founded when the homonymous pair of Americans resolved to unite their common passion for food and photography. Featuring Fred as still and Elliott as styler and head cook, her work has drawn customers such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Hamilton Beach, Walmart and many others. Your comprehensive food product range presents a multitude of past shootings and teardrop leaves in one raster.

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