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When you want to use the Foodica theme for a business page, you can use static pages in the home page slide show instead of posts. Your topic includes an option in the topic that lets you choose whether you want to view posts or pages in the slideshow. DEMO:

theme=foodica Foodica Foodica WordPress Theme contains all functions for creating websites about food.

Topic summaries

In order to quickly get the same look of the topic as in the demonstration, you will find here how to import the demonstration content. Gutenberg recipecard pads - if you use the Gutenberg Editors, you will need this plug-in to be able to add pads such as ingredients, directions and recipes details.

This is a free plug-in that allows you to make a listing of your people. You need it to insert soft symbols from the top menubar. Installagram Widget - another free plug-in made by us that allows you to include a scroll with your Installagram pictures in the footer, just like in the demonstration.

Ensure that the distance between the pictures in the preferences is reset to 0. Jetpack - a free plug-in that contains many functions that you can enable to include additional design functionality. The Star Ratings System - a free plug-in that allows you to rate every entry.

The MailPoet Newsletter - a plug-in with which you can generate and distribute your newsletter to your subscription team. There is also a Widget that you can insert in the side bar or in the area of the Mail Captureidge. The Foodica theme contains essential kernel supports for extensive clippings (image, ingredient, instructions), but if you need more advanced features, we strongly suggest you download a free plug-in to help you adding new recipes:

You can change the layout of your messages under Topic Options > General > Layouts. You have 4 positions of your own in this topic, which you can administer under Topic Options > Banner: If you want to adjust different items of the theme, go to the Appearance > Custom page. In order to activate the eCommerce function in the theme, you must download and use the free WooCommerce plug-in.

In order to attach a Contactsheet to a page like the one in the demonstration, just download and follow these steps to get the plug-in. In order to be able to add any contribution, as in the demonstration, rating star, installing and activating the free plug-in named Ratings Widget: Changing logo, colors and fonts. The Theme Customizer allows you to modify and adapt many settings in the Foodica theme.

The customizer can be accessed from the topic page. The footer allows you to modify the number of widgets in the footer. Foodica shows the featured posts in the slideshow by default. Show the slideshow in the It can be changed to show pages via Topic Options > Homepage > Homepage > Homepage Slideshow: In order to insert a new article or page into the Homepage sliders, modify the article or page you want to modify and enable the Featured in Homepage sliders options.

Elevate a feature dated picture to the post/page. Contributions are sorted by date by default, but you can slightly rearrange their order on the Contributions > Features page. It is a basic wide-get that allows you to send an uploaded picture and create links to various pages of your website or to outside websites.

You can place the broadget in the 3 widgets areas below the featured slideshow on the homepage or in other widgets areas like sidebar or footer. We' ve just published a new Gutenberg Editor plug-in that helps you to easily create formula detail blocklets. Get the free plug-in from

Beginning with Foodica 2.3. You can quickly generate such a page of the recipe index from the demonstration. Allocate one of the 3 available recipe index page templates to the new page. As an option, you can generate 3 different pages with all available recipe index page templates and then generate a meal with these pages and configure it as the recipe index meal.

It allows your users to see your recipe index in 3 different styles: lists, by date and grouped by category: Further information on the recipe index pages can be found under Topic Options > Recipe Index Settings: Beginning with Foodica 2.1. You can quickly generate such a page of the recipe index from the demonstration.

You need the EasyIndex plug-in to do this. As soon as the plug-in is enabled, go to the Indices page in the WordPress Dashboard and generate a new recipe index. What can I do to modify the contents of the abstract for a contribution? What can I do to modify the number of articles on the homepage? Search Blog pages show at most the options and modify the number of postings.

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