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This is our beautiful presentation of our most popular food blog designs. She is slim and slender with her minimalist approach and her clear design, but she is sure when it comes to features. Foodie Pro's theme, designed by the amazing Shay Bocks, is a clean & minimal blog style website designed specifically for food blogs. We introduce the extraordinary Foodie Pro theme!

Foodie Pro's first great thing is the number of widgets.

Feast Foodie Pro Topic Design Co.

It is a third-party topic, i.e. it was designed and is sponsored by Feast Design Co. Select from a variety of ready-made template to create your website: Using the Customize Theater you can customize the themes' preferences, color, background image, and contents and see a real-time previewer of these changes.

Create your website with 3 home page and 5 site broad widget areas that you can tailor to your own make. The design is portable, so your website will be optimised for every type of web browsers, devices and monitor sizes.

We introduce the exceptional Foodie Pro topic - a full overview of this feature-rich topic for WordPress and the Genesis publishing platform.

We introduce the exceptional Foodie Pro topic - a full overview of this feature-rich topic for WordPress and the Genesis publishing platform. My blog's latest reincarnation (I've modified the subject - see my Brunch Pro Topic Review) was created using the Genesis Frameworks and Shay Bocks' Foodie Pro Kind theming.

I' ve been spending a few dozen working days switching to this major upgrade of the initial Foodie Kind themes and customizing it to get exactly what I want. I really had the opportunity to find out exactly what this children's topic has to offer (many!) and what its small restrictions are.

Foodie Pro's first great thing is the number of widgets. Those areas allow you to place a wide variety of website contents and styles in your blogs by dragging and dropping. Of course, the side bar is widgettized, but the topic also contains many other areas that you can customize this way as well.

This topic also offers the helpful feature of importing all your trial widgets at once (full detail can be found here), which saves a great deal of setup work. There are several broadget areas on the homepage that you can use, which was very important for me. Thought it would allow my readership to more efficiently browse and more readily retrieve more of my work.

It is this topic that makes this possible. There are also four fields in the Footers widget area where you can put things in - I used these fields for my Profil Widget, my Kitchen Daily Contributor badge, a Social Contributor idget, a favorite Post-Widget and two ads. The Post Bottom Widget is one of my favorite widgets added in the update.

I' d seen this on other pages - they had ads and newsletters registration form in this valuable area at the end of their postings - but I couldn't figure out during my lifetime how to put these items there myself. There' s no need to do this with this topic - an Enews subscribe widget and a rectangular ad now adorn the end of every posting on my blogs, but you can use the place for whatever your call to action is.

There is a Top Ad Widget in this topic that I thought would be great for this use. Unfortunately, this Widget area didn't work for me. When you place a ranked ad in this area, it is placed directly in the center, above your logotype, and presses the remainder of the contents down.

Fortunately, I've figured out how to change the headers widget areas. I' ve recreated the Genesis-themed Right widget headers, shifted my logotype to the right, and placed a ranked display to the right, in-line with my logotype. Whatever broadget you create in your headers, it's possible with this topic.

The sub-topic offers the possibility to integrate a subscription toolbar at the top of the website that is designed to fit your blogs - very useful for creating new subscription. It must be placed in the Top Ad Widgets section, as far as I can tell, if you use this feature you will not be able to place ads in this section.

I use a plug-in - Hello Bars - for this feature instead. Even though the style choices (especially the fonts) available with this plug-in didn't quite fit the style of the topic as well, the choices I made were good enough for me and allowed me to show a slimmer login panel and a ranked list where I wanted it to be.

Among the new fabric features of the Foodie Pro topic is the integration of a dedicated feature-rich post-widgets. Foodie's older release was based on an obsolete plug-in, so this is a big upgrade. It' also much more versatile than the old plug-in and you can make nice meshes of your contents in any area that can wear a wideget.

In any case, this function allows you to do this. Another highlight of this topic is the descriptive index. There' a whole, seperate widget page integrated into the topic that allows you to view your prescriptions in optically pleasing screens, just like on the homepage, using different widgets with different contents.

It is a great way to make your message known to your audience quickly, simply and nicely. However, you can use the Archive for Visible Contents (see below for more information) to create category-specific picture frames if you configure your archive so that it doesn't pose too much of a hassle.

Since many of my prescriptions contain several ingredients that are not necessarily mirrored in the title and illustrations of the contributions, I felt I could not add them to the index because it would look bewildering. This would not look right in the index because the image may not be obviously sauced.

In order to make things a little more visually appealing, I then added a photo of each kind of court (see above). New customizable contents repositories available with this update are also a great enhancement. Contents archive are the pages that are created and shown as results of searches or when clicking on a categories or tags.

There are many possibilities with this topic, how these pages should look like - traditionally picture / titles and picture / titles / excerpts or customizable screens like for the homepage and the recipes index. At the end, after many experiments, I returned to using the more traditionally image/title/excerpt, but that was only because some of my category didn't link so many contributions to them, and those pages seemed a bit sparse when viewed as rasters.

Designed for blogging or category viewing with lots of contents, these grids look great. The Foodie Pro is fully reactive - this means that it adjusts to the user's monitor and presents an optimized copy of the website. It shortens the load times for small appliances and makes it possible to make the most important contents more visible on small monitors.

Even though the topic on a cell phone or tray looks great (and it does!), I finally chose to turn it off. When you try to monetise your website with advertisements, the portable reactivity expresses the side bar under the entire page which means that these advertisements are never seen (and the imprints are not counted) on smaller gadgets.

A small caveat to the built-in features post widget is that you can only create features post with this one ( guesswork, the hint is in the header, huh?). I' m setting up a Foodie Pro store and was confused when I discovered that I couldn't show my "Product Contributions" (other than just "Contributions") with this wideget.

However, the WordPress plug-in fellowship came to the aid as always, and the Genesis Sandbox Featured Content widget works perfect with this topic if you need this feature. It' also an upgrading of the initial Foodie topic, because when I tried to use this plug-in with Foodie in the past, it had to do with the look and would not work well.

Foodie Pro Topic comes bundled with multiple key plug-ins for seamless integration with your website style. The Genesis Enews Extended plug-in allows you to create various subscription options for newsletters on your website that match your selected topic. They also help your supporters keep up with your contents by providing color-customizable icons to your favorite sites through a wideget.

There is one thing to keep in mind with this plug-in - if used more than once on a page, it will reflect the color choices of the first widget. What's more, it will reflect the color choices of the first one. Most importantly, the Easy Recipe plug-in lets you view in your postings formatsted, print-ready and SEO-friendly recipies designed to match your blogs.

I don't use this plug-in because I have already used another one that meets these needs (Recipe Card Plugin), so it was unnecessary for me. Another plug-in you might be interested in is the Genesis Responsive Slider. However, if you like slider, I can verify that this one looks good with the subject.

Genesis Latest Tweets is the latest available compatibility plug-in. Some of the best things about the Foodie Pro children's topic is the wide selection of style adjustments that makes it readily available. Modifications usually made by changing the style sheet codes are incorporated into the design, making it a great design for newbies.

Fully understanding how hard it would be for Shay and her crew to help the many users of this topic with customization, but it can get you into a bit of trouble. Maybe a supportforum instead of email-speak would be an optional for this topic? Well, the good thing is that I was able to fix just about any style problem I had with this topic, it just took a bunch of chasing on the web to do it.

In order to help you prevent me from creating The Ultimate Guide to Styling Foodie Pro themes, where I do some of the editing I did. It'?s a terrific subject! Now my blogs look better and work better than ever, and I have this children's topic for which I can mainly thank you.

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