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Currently this page is not maintained or maintained for archiving use. It turns out that this page will continue to be used and refreshed from now on. Some current developments: 1/ Friends of the Earth Melbourne has a new forest team. 2- There is a new reincarnation of the Melbourne Rainforest Action Group.

Related hyperlinks will be provided as they are provided. Information about this campain I will collect HERE for now. Rainforest Action Group's new website (Melboure) is online. This has been corrected, but I noticed that many of the externally linked sites no longer work. Instead of trying to repair or remove all these defective hyperlinks, you might be able to mark the text and look for the element in your favorite browser.

You can either copy/paste or right-click and choose the find item. In the course of our development many of our hyperlinks become superfluous for various reason. Governments are known to create connections that will soon be extinct. Deforestation of untouched forest such as rainforests, old and old growing forest (i.e. forest not altered by contemporary forestry) will continue in 2011 in Victoria - new Prime Minister Ted Baillieu and the Liberal/National Coalition have labeled their (lacking) environment statements to the Victorian authorities by reintroducing beef into Victoria's highland farms.

Since 2002, Masalai i Tokyo has been combating bribery in the PNG forestry sector.

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