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This is my website template portfolio that I sell on | More ideas about template portfolio, web design layouts and website themes can be found here. Envato Forest Templates are the right way! Envato Forest Templates are the right way! The Envato site eco-system helps you to be imaginative.

These include Envato Market, the premier platform for pictures, topics, project data and creativity asset management. At Envato Studioc we connect customers with selected professional talents, and in Tuts+ you'll find hundreds of tons of tutorials as well as videos.

With our locations and service offerings, we help million of individuals around the globe. Creative ecosystem. Purchase and resell your favorite topics, templates, photographs, videos, music, and more. The Envato Store is home to tens of thousand of talented designer, developer and creator of all types who are selling a wide variety of online goods and asset.

From photos to projects, sounds to videos, everything is included. Envato Market's biggest site is ThemeForest, home to WordPress topics, website, e-mail and e-commerce templates.

Is it possible to track the use of unpaid website templates from websites such as Themeforest, The Elegant Designs?

Yes, it matters what topics you use, who provides them, and what copyrights agreements they have. I' d say that probably the number one or number two among WordPress users have web pages that are cracked or become viral ones (apart from not being updated or allow someone they encounter to have site access), are non-developers who want to have the most wonderful topic for free, then look up "free WordPress topics" in Google and then take everything they can.

Why should someone make a nice topic available for free? Often these free-bie topics contain virus, Malware, encoding that links to their websites, posts advertisements or hacks into PayPal transaction or gives them immediate acces to your website. Now, the folks who run WordPress (owned by Automattic) are good and smart folks who are scanning each of the WordPress free templates in their WordPress' blog tool, publishing platform and CMS Repository, but that's said, many of these free Bible topics levy charges to help you setup them, and many that weren't created by WordPress have all manner of Bugs and Troubles, and some topics and plug-ins could readily have infected WordPress or Anti Virus or Antipyware.

The only thing that needs to be done is that one or two lines of encoding are inserted into a bottom line section or another location in the topic to trace their use. Whether a topic has or doesn't have trackable content can only be really sure if you a) ask the developers or the business that sells or resells it, b) look for the content yourself, whether you are a programmer and know what to look for, c) create your own user-defined designs.

Topics you buy (and don't get for free) usually don't have a virus or a malware because the vendor is trying to earn a legitimate profit by trying to sell the same topic to more than one user around the globe. However, some of them still have viruses or badware. Another thing to keep in minds is that a lot of folks buy topics every day from businesses like themme forest or whoever, only to find out later that they can't create those topics themselves, how they thought they could do it because they're not programmers and don't know how to setup the topic or how to work with page on elements is to make sure there's a lot of available stuff that you can look at in advance to see if you sign it.

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