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To open the App Settings window, click the form. Overview of 123 Form Builder | WIX App Market Make any user-defined shape as simple as 1-2-3! Out-of-the-box form submissions are provided for meeting registrations, recruitment, online booking, dates, lead entry, contributions, surveys, orders, and more. Connect with tens of millions of professionals using the 123 Form Builder! Caution: The 123 Form Builder App for Wix upgrading to Premium is only valid for one location.

Shape Builder Plus+ Overview | WIX App Market

Easily create customized templates to expand your business: Text, drop-down menu, Multi Select and other items to capture all the detail. Receive PayPal payment for subscription, donation and one-time payment via the form. Report and exportable form database dashboard. Flexibility in design: individual colours, type, size, frame and more.

Update to delete the POWr icon and enable extended functions, such as Post-transmission controls: Forward to another page, allow another transmission, or suppress the form. Do you have any question or need help with the implementation of Form Builder? We are here for you!

Set up the Form Builder in Wix - POWr

May I copy my form to Wix? You can use the Wix App Market to use POWr Form Builder Plus+ to your Wix site. To open the App Settings window, click the form. Later you can modify the form layout and layout. E-mail adress - so you know when someone is filling out your form.

Message form titles - so your users know what they're doing. Shape elements - try to add a new shape item, such as a drop-down menu, check box, or text box. After you create your form, store and post the page that displays the app, and your form is ready to use. And you can configure your form to accumulate payment, submit confirmation, and even link to MailChimp directly from the App settings.

Where can I email my confirmations to someone who completes my form?

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