Format or Squarespace

Size or squares

Why you would use Format over Squarespace is exactly the use case you describe, namely building a portfolio. The Squarespace is a general site builder that is used for many purposes. A product that offers much of the flexibility of squaring and easy format handling. In the beginning I used Squarespace and found it very confusing to use it.

Best portfolio builders for a photographer according to a photographer

You have to show your work in a kind of portfolios, and this visibility has to be good. Similarly, when viewing your work, not only the image qualities are evaluated, but also the peripheral devices, the choice of designs and the sensitivity of your site portfolios.

The choice of a good business with which to host and present your portfolios will of course be of some importance, but in terms of aesthetics and viewing capabilities, a good portfolios page should also be good from the artist's point of view. With so many to select from and with the dedication needed to build your own portfolios, how do you know which to do?, and for those in our fellowship who are not necessarily shooting weddings, this may not be a big shock. The next were 22 foils, then Smugmug, AllYou, with Photoshelter, Zenfolio and Adobe Portfolio below. Nowadays Squarespace is everywhere, and probably for good reasons, given their lovely modern design, and competitively priced, and more, so why weren't they part of this listing?

Mir was said because it was seen as "more of a universal website Builder than atfoliobuilder. That kind of meaning, since Sqaurespace can certainly do much more than format in relation to doing things in relation to doing things in relation to doing things in relation to doing things in relation to doing things in relation to doing things, but it cannot be denied that, given the inclination of the photographs they use, the two of them should face each other face to face.

Here you can view the complete results of the portfolios and here the results of the Website Builders. We would also like to know in which companies you are hosting your portfolios or your space, so let us know in the commentary.

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