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To see all the advantages and disadvantages of using Format for your portfolio website, click here! "Format is a constantly evolving website builder that specializes in portfolio websites. Create Your Online Portfolio Website Welcome Format, the website plattform that will help you present your work and discover new avenues. Format has been most appreciated by creatives around the world and is the first option for building your website. If you are a freelance artist, you need a website that mirrors the excellence of your work.

Easily built. With our high-performance yet easy-to-use editing tool, you can quickly and easily make changes to your website. This is a website that develops with you. Our platforms have been developed with your imaginative needs in mind. Our customers are our customers. Format gives you eCommerce, customer proving, emailing, web site management, web site management, web site management, web site management, web site management, and web site management - so you never have to search elsewhere again.

We have a creative supporting staff that is available around the clock for all format queries. If you ask us something about your website, we will reply within a few mins.

Usability, pricing, features, design

The Format is a specialised Canada based website that is used to build high value web-sites. Portals can be equipped with an on-line shop, blogs, integrating outside utilities, high-performance custom gallery designs, custom template designs and other kinds of web pages. We have the imos app, which is used to manage the website. Website builders are popular with creators, graphic arts professionals, graphic arts professionals, photography professionals, models, architectural professionals and other professionals.

Built-in on-line shop allows the sale of tangible and intangible products: photographs, video, images, handcrafted articles, sound, etc. They can start and maintain an efficient blogs to assist this action. Formats positions itself as a advanced web site builder of portfolios with a powerful graphical editing tool. This will work well for those who need to present photographs in the format of a website to promote a product, skill or service.

The Format uses the same mechanism of Dashboard interactions with the user surface as other site builder with a graphical editing tool. Here are many adjustments and choices. The ergonomic user surface is beautiful, the Dashboard items are arranged in a logical way and are provided with comprehensible title. Website creator will work for beginners, but be prepared to stay a few day in your Dashboard to use it more effectively - Format has more preferences than most other similar website creators.

You must first search for some items on the Dashboard. To those who have worked with similar items, format will seem easy, but not primal at all. Obviously, the emphasis is on the detailing of policy choices, but not on the overall facilitation of all of them.

Yet the surface is quite user-friendly, although it cannot be described as attractive - it is default, sleek and in-depth. It' s layout and texture are similar to WordPress, which meets the needs of the predominant part of the target group. The format enables the creation of advanced portfolio with versatility in terms of content structures and designs.

Videogalleries are also support. A way to download/install Format Publisher or Adobe Lightroom plug-in for fast publishing of images from the Publisher gives an indication of the key element of any website built in the system - the screen. And you can even share your pictures in your gallery directly from your iPhone application.

Expand your product range with a webshop to offer pictures, video clips or, say, T-shirts with print ings, mugs, hand-made clothing or anything else. Basically, the thumbnail view of the screen shows a list of the different parts of the screen. The thumbnail view is a slidebar with the section Preferences and Workspace.

There are many chapters that contain hyperlinks to adjacent options. While this is practical, it is somewhat frightening and interferes with the ability to systematically store items and kinds of items. The format has 3 kinds of pages that you can build, namely: Galerie - a seperate galery for which you can define the tree, lay-out, SEO, tag etc.; Custom - adding contacts, info, history, CV or cover page.

Every catagory contains about 10 originals with different design; Collection - the collection of art works and pages with similar specialisation into a unique group. The format assists the sale of different kinds of goods (physical, electronic or services products). Like any other webshop, it has monetary, shipment, payment, inventory, item uptime, and search able preferences.

There' also an embedded blogs that is customized for the display of photos and videos. They can also be used to insert default text, although the articles in the format look similar to those in journals rather than papers. Incidentally, every blogs and every webshop page can be customized. The format attaches great importance to personal contents.

You can save your gallery, display a window for specific groups or even individual customers in your portfolios. You can also easily organize your web site's web site's SEO work - you can fill in your web site's web site's meta tag on only one monitor. That means you can modify the theme by hand and integrate integration of remote service with source/coding.

The Drag&Drop feature for the upload of bulk images to galeries is by the way fully featured on PCs and Dropboxes. In general, the format feature includes everything you need to build a business asset for your business. It is possible to customize each galery, combining it, protecting it with a password, creating personal website areas, accepting on-line payment for different product categories, managing a blogs and sharing this contents on your favourite websites.

But the only hint is that the system's interfaces could be more appealing to creatives. Each format theme is built on a rich variety of styles for your own visually stunning galleries. There are 5 types: full screen, slide show, tile, vertically, horizontally. Although you can adjust the colour schemes of the website in detail by hand.

One nice feature is the ability to customize the layout and look of each page at will. This means that you can create web pages in different ways, such as different photocategories: still lifes in one way and portrait in another way to highlight the differences between them. It is possible to view the theme previews in full view mode.

Doesn't dazzle you with incredible features, but meets the needs of the web site's niche developer. It' hard to append anything to the template sets - Format provides standard viewing choices for all available picture representation styles. Allows you to create a website menus (position and height), galleries (navigation, full-screen view, transitions and their speeds, thumbnails), text and colors for almost all website items.

At the same time you can see the results in either format and work on their further evolution. In general, this is only a small part of the formatting setting. You can customize the resize, the theme, the color scheme of the symbols of the social networking site, the format of the link, the title and the default text, the colors of each page item, the resize, etc. if you like.

The detailing is so comprehensive that there is a danger of getting bogged down in possible changes and obtaining a poorly designed outcome. Format is definitely a high-performance tool when it comes to customizing your portfolios styles and structures. The Format technical assistance is spread across several different parts of the globe, enabling us to provide 24/7 technical assistance.

The format has no free will. Enthusiast, $6/mo - 100 pictures, 3 shop items, 15 pages; $6/mo - 100 pictures, 3 shop items, 15 pages; $12/mo - 1000 pictures, 20 shop items, Unlimited pages and blogs post, 5000 proving pictures, free domains, customized coding; unlimited, $25/mo - unlimited pictures, Unlimited shop items, unlimited pages and blogs post, Unlimited proving pictures, free domains and premier topics, customized coding.

In general, format costs can be likened to those of other market niches. Formats is definitely a neat specialist web site builder. Benefits of the Languages of Lightroom are clear: custom template development for web sites; built-in blogs and shops; powerfull publisher in all aspects of web site layout; stronger emphasis on private sphere and rights management for the Galerie; ability to edit web page codes; flexibility in Galerie setting, ability to merge them into collection; ability to watermark contents and password setting on web pages; access to iPhone application and Lightroom plug-in for uploading photos; convenience in organizing your work; 24/7 technical assistance.

There is no esthetic attraction to designing a dashboard user interfaces; customizing templates is mighty, but not entirely comprehensible - it is sometimes hard to comprehend the changes you make, as too much detail can be a little bewildering for beginners. In general, format is a great niche one. The Format is a premium services that you can use to build any portfolio.

It' useful for artist, photographer, model industry representative, architect, designer and anyone who wants to present something in picture series. Because there are many honest rivals who can do the same job at the same price or even less, the site builder cannot be considered the best in the heap.

The format is to be used wert? You' ll probably be happy with its surface if you like it.

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