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Photos, videos, vectors and celebrity pictures for professional and personal use. Find the perfect age photo stick stock photo. agephotostock ratings - 6 ratings from When you are a professional and want to resell images with them, don't take the trouble to go through their extremely tedious and complex manual submission and review processes, you'll just waste your precious moment as they won't resell any of your work. You are bad at reselling your work, but very good at putting one administration bar ricade after another in order to make a deal with them.

It is necessary to obtain and complete a signed agreement, which you must have printed and sent by mail to Barcelona in Spain (at your own expense, of course). Contracts with terms that only benefit you and are incorporated under Hispanic law commit you for no more than 3 years! And if you'd like to terminate the agreement.....

It' s a pity, you have to delay 90 day before the expiry date and send it (again by post) to terminate it, otherwise it will be extended automatic. FYI, all other agents have electronical and on-line agreements, do not commit themselves longer than 6 month and you can terminate at any time. What makes Agefotostock different is that, in addition to an obviously obsolete and ancient civilization that can be seen when you visit their website, it is indeed a well-calculated policy to expropriate photographs from their work and keep them from leaving.

You' ll know when, after you have done nothing selling, you want to use them to delete some images from your on-line portfolios and resell them elsewhere. If you ask the pathetic client services if they can take images of your choosing out of your portfolios, they won't reply for a few week and then come back to you in a very unpleasant and evil way with regard to the agreement you sign and with a big no in your face.

Generally, because you have already subscribed to this agreement, you can no longer do what you want with your work. Luring them into a pitfall where they are trapped for at least 3 years and more, as most participants will not take the trouble to mail a cancelation notice to Spain. When you are a purchaser, the common practice of this friendly agent is, among other things, to resell images without releasing models or ownership (exposing the client to possible infringement and subsequently litigation and monetary loss).

I' ve also been told by photographs who have found their pictures for purchase on their website but never sign with them. If you are a professional still photography enthusiast, you should also pay attention to what they do with your work on-line and periodically review Google to see if they do not share your images without informing you.

And yet most humans have never even heared of them, not even in the (small) photo worlds.

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