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WorldPress themes with modern magazine layouts and fonts in commercial quality for your website. With the foundry you can build exactly the business you want. The documentation on this topic can be found here:

Casting - Multi-purpose, multi-concept WP theme of pommusrhodus

The Foundry is a powerful, multi-faceted WordPress theme with an ample selection of stylized features for all opportunities that use neat, semantic markups and well-structured styles, and LESS the developer loves, as well as the usability and speed of page layout that customers like. The foundry feels at home on any commercial website and stands out for its range of products and custom webcasts.

Generate appealing and seductive landing pages that inspire faith and optimism by using unified and unique styling features. Exactly what you see is what you get... Make in realtime with a variety of painstakingly crafted block shapes in the acclaimed Visual Composer Page Builder. Plain paraallax is just a click away - turn on the paraallax in any section with wallpaper.

We' ve made great efforts to enhance cross-platform usability and developed an internal scroll plug-in that includes hardware-accelerated parallel axis. Discoverry for WordPress comes with Visual Composer and a variety of versatile customized page creation tools. With easy 1-click theme selections, limitless colour selections, hundred of Google fonts and more, Foundry is a stylish bundle of power that's just right for your business.

Thousands of user-defined items, blogseeds, portfolioseeds, etc. ADDED: New blogsayout, large, alternate paragraphs with pictures. SWITTER - Small fix for the creation of twitter feeds: affects only new user, already good user. Update - V4.8.0 release of visual composer. to get more consistency with Foundry's HTML revisioning.

INSERTED - Added options for activating soft symbols in all header lines, adding widgets such as searching widgets, store widgets, etc. INSERTED - Allows you to turn on a pushbutton next to the header line header, add widgets like Find Widgets, Store Widgets, etc. INCLUDED - Switch between 2D and 3-D parallel axis options, this has no visible differences, but can help fix an edge case error in Chrome if you get artefacts while scrolling.

INSERTED - Nav margined right topic options to resolve above problem. RESOLVED - Grid blogs were full width in page archive, that wasn't right! RESOLVED - Grid blogs were full width on page archive, this was not true! RESOLVED - Basic fed blogs now work correctly in archive.

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