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kind website creator? As soon as I begin to publish a book, I want to have an e-commerce site to be able to yours. My programming skills are almost non-existent, so I have been scared by MS wordpress as a website hosting company. Yes, you want a neat, appealing, professional looking website, which many developers can do, but if you want to do something online, it must also be found by your destination audience!

Onsite SOE is an important first stage in being found on-line, and many website developers do not allow you to integrate on-site SOE into a website. Even the most breathtaking website on-line won't do you any good if no one can find it. It is possible to create a professionally looking website that is also efficient... yes... but it needs more than searching for the simplest website builder to use.

When you create your own website, take the opportunity to find out what goes into a professionally looking website, how to integrate your own advertising policies into it, and how to integrate local site analytics into it. Otherwise, you can end up like most do-it-yourselfers... either giving up in disappointment or hire someone to create a new website that works the way you want it to.

Worldpress is quite easy to use, but there is a learning-out curve to figuring it out, and it has plug-ins that allow you to do many things to make a website efficient. To find the simplest way to create a website does not mean that you will achieve your objectives. Many good, well-designed eCommerce pages exist where you can open a shop and easily market your products rather than create your own website.

Also with the costs of commission, such websites process the sale transaction, ship the item in digital form, provide management tool for your item and much more. It also offers the possibility of better exposure through the width and diversity of the contents, not to speak of their specific market. I am not trying to stop you from building your own website, but I appreciate the dedication that such an endeavor requires.

As well as the creation of the website, you must periodically refresh and advertise the contents. Your ability and interests determine whether your spending your days better off composing a book rather than designing, hosting and sponsoring a website, and your returns may be a greater partnership with those more suited to sponsoring and distributing your work.

I will have to disagree with Stephanie in this matter, the simplest and most professionally website creator would definitely be Easily build breathtaking HTML5-based Web sites with the easy-to-use Plug-and-Drop Builder. There is also an e-commerce function, a whole boatload of applications that you can app to your website, and is one of the "better values" out there.

A client of mine (a café that also started to sell things online) wanted a website that looked professionally and was easy to use. This might be a good idea because it gives you the opportunity to build breathtaking sites without a hint of programming.

When you think in a holistic and long-term way, it might make more sense to look at something that helps you on several levels with your overall market objectives. Unfortunately, most of the "simple" or "easy-to-use" website building utilities fall apart on most things other than a plain, inefficient web page.

I have been working with web technology since 1995, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), so I have some spare moment behind my thoughts. There will be more than your needs, but it will give you everything you need to be successful on line without the restrictions of "simple" utilities. Believe me, a website is vital in this era of digitality, so anything that removes the grief is a good thing.

Yes, Word Press and Google's Blogspot can work for you too, but I am looking at them for a blogsite that I am linking to from my main website. I' m currently using Hostmonster and they (along with other host services) provide pretty simple website utilities that don't need any programming knowledge.

WIX works for me as a website for specialties. Simple and free is a good thing and a good beginning! If you want to administer such a website yourself, you have to find a good equilibrium between usability and usability. When you have only a few dozen titles for sale, a Wordpress page for each individual title with a Paypal icon might do.

But if you have a whole book library and want a "cart like" style design with more bell and pipe (and higher cost), you should look at, and (which I think you typed wrong as Foursquare). Specifically, these are E-Commerce Website Builder, so you don't have to worry about plug-ins being added and managed to deliver essential e-commerce functionality.

They are sold on-line and used as a giveaway for presentation etc. Sadly, many writers are made to believe that they only need a website and some sort of SOE, then the cash will flow in. I' ve just finished writing a web marketer that uses some of the most intelligent technologies and marketers available today.

Answering this with an extremely high level of distortion, considering that I am a web design professional, the best way is to have your own website. You also " links " to your superordinate site and deny essentially the " influence " on your site (e.g. go to any GoDaddy site and it will have a hyperlink pointing to GoDaddy below - this is homicide in the sense of SEO).

You are also relying on you (presumably someone who probably has no previous experience in web design and marketing) to help you organize your own website, which is something that includes a traditional website flow chart and market planning in a business environment. Your own website and your own domainname will allow you to extend your website in the near term.

Essentially, Goaddy and others are trying to kidnap the web designing business and make it cheaper with these "build your own" advertising benefits that are glamorized in TV ads, but in fact create horrible-looking websites that are elemental in character and not really created to generate lead or sale. Wordpress - Easy to use, great market results and many great features.

This will not give you great results because your website cannot be viewed by browsers. When you are about to start selling your product on-line, I would suggest you try to use WordPress.

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