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Which are the best free Windows 10 themes to choose from? Here is our 2018 Schedule So, you've got your Windows 8 or Windows 10 on your machine, or you've purchased a included tray, hybrid, laptop, ultra-book, or all-in-one. Now that you've toyed with such essential applications as Wikipedia, Microsoft Minesweeper, or Fresh Paint, you might want to redesign your Windows 8, Windows 10 system.

With the latest operating system from Microsoft, changes of topic have never been so nice and simple. We' ll present a variety of Windows 8, Windows 10 themes that you can select from. Several of them are also optimised for Windows RT. You' ll be installing these great designs and really personalizing your Windows 8 computer.

Place a marker on this page and whenever you get tired of the Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows RT topic you have just added, review this page again and try downloading another one that is attractive enough for you. Below are some of the best topics for Windows 10. I and Windows 8 can assure you that you will not be dissapointed by any of them.

Just a quick word - the yare are fantastic and completely free! UPDATING: The topics you will find below are still beautiful and we would like to welcome you to visit them all. However, since the publication of this paper, we have added more topic-related information to our website, so we encourage you to read the following as well: The following articles:

As before, a topic consists of the following elements: wallpapers, colours and sound. Thus each new topic will be provided with different items. We' ll be providing two hyperlinks for each topic - the Details topic allows you to take a closer look at the topic and the download hyperlink.

You can use them to see a larger picture of the topic and learn more about it. You will also find topics that are Windows RT compliant. Hopefully you will find these free themes of Windows 8, Windows 10 useful for you. Don't miss to add a marker to this page and review it from for a while to select some free, fantastic Windows 8, Windows 10 themes.

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