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Create your website in minutes. Music Band Responsive Website Template is a completely free HTML template that you can use to get the latest news and events about your band online. The method is a freely reacting template for tapes.

Music and Band Sites - Creating a Music Site

Featuring an easy-to-use audioplayer, an elegant picture galery, and easy to embed videos, your favorite tunes and your favorite medias will be the focus. As well as selling your merchandise and songs from your website, you can get 5 free albums or individual contributions from iTunes, Amazon and 95+ other online merchants every year.

And our portable sites are designed to look great on any size device. In order to choose a reactive style sheet, just tick the checkbox next to "reactive" when searching topics. Immediately modify a colour, fonts or picture without the need for a professional or programming skills. They have full creative power over your artwork.

Modify colours, text, backgrounds, pictures and more. Infinite pages make it simple to customise it to your individual styling. Immediately modify a colour, typeface or picture without the need for a professional or programming skills. They have full creative power over your artwork. Modify colours, text, backgrounds, pictures and more.

Infinite pages make it simple to customise it to your individual styling.

Best 12 Free Music Band Templates

Goal of this album is to help young groups to present their products and services without additional money. These free band website template files are useful if you want to build a website for your band. These lists contain HTML5 HTML template styles, which differ from each other in terms of styles and colour scheme, but they are all free.

You can also use all of our favorite website builder for free. Don't hesitate to pick the right website submission, upload your band pictures, band reviews, band messages and announcements and here it is - your band website is up!

The top 4 budget-friendly ways to create a band website if you don't know how to code.

Bandzoogle operated website of the Atlanta Americana Band The Deadfields. Why should you be concerned with a website? The consolidation of your medias and information on a unique website makes it much easier for your supporters to find everything - and you have full access to your contents and their presentation. Just think about it: If you look at your band on-line, you might end up looking several searches if you want all that stuff.

One website where they can find your band songs, tours, merchandise, video and everything else about your band is a great way to say: "Hey, guys, we really appreciate your while. It' s a small capital outlay, of course, if you want a really well-designed, useful website that has everything you need.

However, there are many affordable choices for creating a website without compromising styles or functionality, and yet it's great for novices to use. Your personnel are said to be web geeks who are also freaks, artists and growers - and I believe them! Over 100 stylistic styles are available for customization with functions that go beyond the integration of Bandcamp, SoundCloud and SMP.

All this is possible and does not require HTML. Optional features such as an event schedule, a donation "tip glass", mailinglist administration and a merchandise shop with no selling costs make it an exceptional build for aspiring and seasoned artists. Every level of the plan includes a domainname, and every website is automatic movable and optimised for searching machines.

They have thought of just about everything a performer could want from a website. I' d suggest the mid-level schedule for $12.49/month for most players as it contains full adaptation, the merchandise stores options and up to 1,000 members of the maillist. However, a fully unrestricted usage per-proplan is only a few dollars more and involves shop stock control and SoundScan coverage.

Beyoncé even uses a band page. You' ve probably already seen a band page on Facebook - more than 500,000 alleged performers, among them top performers like Rihanna and Maroon 5, use the site. It is a Facebook application that simultaneously acts as a website and can immediately synchronize contents that have either been added for a unified web experience.

You' ll need to build your band page - what you'll see on Facebook - before you can get a website. VolumePage pulls information from your Facebook page that you can review and authorize. Then you can include tracks already added to SoundCloud or YouTube, as well as a biography, video, tours and pictures.

Once you have done this, you can create a website. You' ve done that already, because Bandbage will be duplicating everything with its website widget. Everything you need to do is click on the VolumePage Everywhere Tab, adjust the look and voila! When you' re not into using their own website address, you can hire a low priced website from a GoDaddy site and get them redirected to your band page.

Adding a VolumePage shop is available to Facebook page owners who are associated with more than 100 Facebook pages. Besides, it's completely free. Disadvantages: Using the site may give you the feeling that you have a kind of dependency on musicians' sites. SoundCloud or Spotify and other multimedia devices can be integrated into your site or uploaded directly to Squarespace using their sound collection tools.

It is possible to include a diary (bandsintown block or others) and there is an optional way to administer your Facebook page via Squarespace. Squarespace also strengthens its commitment to musical arts by attending CMJ shows and is a partner for shows and project with outlet venues such as The Outlaw Roadshow and The Wild Honey Pie.

Joining a shop is not a tricky addition for beginners, but it will take you 2. 9 per cent plus 30 cent per deal. However, it is a small fee when you consider that even the stores are optimised automaticly for SEO. In addition, all sites are portable, and each schedule has its own dedicated domains and round-the-clock client service.

Disadvantages: The efficiency of many of their artwork depends greatly on great pictures, so you may want to have new band pictures taken before you begin work. Base $8 per monthly plans include up to 20 pages and limitless space, but you can only resell one item in your shop.

The Xzibit website is running on WordPress. WordPress can be used at all stages - from beginner to advanced user. com for code-free creation, and advanced web designer can use WordPress. org for user-defined creation and end to end hosted services. To begin with, to eliminate any mess, here are the peculiarities between and

Here we will talk about as it is the more available choice for non-coders. WorldPress is more than just a place to post a blogs. The user can simply add a track or player (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.) as well as Vimeo or YouTube video and a Google calendars to show your tours.

There is no need to use HTML, and all sites are optimised automaticly for the use of searching machines. But the only problem is that many of the free designs look like they're meant for blogging, whether they're used for that or not. It is one of the most beloved website construction platform (WordPress supports 23 per cent of all sites on the Internet), so you can be sure that it is also very dependable.

Disadvantages: Your web address will look like, so you need to buy a web address and divert to your WordPress website to get the full pro effect. Once you've figured out where you can create your website, read these hints to make it great: Born in Atlanta, Jhoni Jackson is a musical writer who currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she is juggling with a location named Club 77, freelancing and of course going to the beaches as often as possible.

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