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Completely customizable, these free platforms help you publish your first post in minutes. Detailed overview of self-hosted, freemium and free blogging sites and platforms where you can start a blog. Critics of the best places for blogging. Find out more about which blogging platforms are right for you with this handy, printable infographics. Build a nice blog for free and without programming knowledge.

16 Best Free Blogs Publishers

In the past it was said that everyone carries a books inside them, but nowadays it might be more appropriate to say that everyone has a virus blog in them. Blogs are also still a great, organizing way of self-promotion on-line, and the best part is, there is a charge of free blogs out there to get you starting.

Which is a blogsite? This is a tool or tool that makes it easier to create websites to publish your contents. Those CMS come in the shape of website builder like Wix, blogs using Wordpress or simple blogs using Tumblr. This summary explores the best blogs for beginners who want to get a free blog up and run.

When HTML5 is important to you, Wix is definitely a looker; it says it's the only drag-and-drop HTML5 functionality site. If you have big blog projects - you can only have two pages and three websites with his free one - the advantage is a sound 1GB of disk space and bandwith, and your website won't be cluttered with ugly third-party advertisements.

It' s simple to get up and running, with a dozen customizable template choices, a simple website builder to assemble all the elements, custom izable layout, and drag-and-drop widgets. What's more, you can create your own website with the help of a simple webmaster. Wordpress supports this free school, college and university literacy blogsite, but gives you the added advantage of being part of a fellowship of other literacy blogs.

Subscribe for free, which gives you over 250 free Topics and 1 GB of free diskspace and there' s a Per-Plan that offers you all the extra you need when you get serious. Hubpages provides a web site ecosystem that allows blogs (or hubbers) to easily communicate their history to a large open audience.

This is called an "API-first" way, so that your contents are saved on its server and you can access them in any way you want in any theme or platforms. So, if you want to create a very different website in a few years, it's simple to add everything because it's designed to be mobile from the beginning.

It' the GitHub Pages search engines, which means you can post your blog there for free. When you create your blog with Jekyll, you no longer have to work with technical details like database, upgrade, etc., so there are fewer errors and you can create something new.

Believing the people at WordPress (and they seem reasonably trustworthy) now accounts for almost a third of the web. It' simple to understand why: On you can quickly and easily build a new blog for free with a proper level of customization. As an alternative, most web hosters offer WordPress as a free one-click installation, and more information about what is possible can be found at

New to WordPress, WordPress may seem confusing at first, but it's the best free choice for anyone who wants a great blend of performance, customization, and ease of use. In order to help you, we have put together the best WordPressutorials and the best free WordPress topics to help you get getting started. Here are some of the things you can do to get started. In a way, Tumblr somehow seems like a transitional home between WordPress and Twitter.

However, decent portable applications make it simple to post from anywhere to a tumbler blog, and it's pretty simple to customize your design to become your own. Though one should keep in mind that the ministry has some Pornobots romping around, which can give a little shocking to fainting when they dive too deeply into the question of who "prefers" their contributions.

With a name like "Blogger" you would be hoping that Blogger would be a respectable free online blogservice. Log in with your Google ID and you can set up a blog in seconds that can be customized with new designs. However, it's a Google site, so be careful when you consider how suddenly this business sometimes turns off things that hundreds of million used.

It' a place to blog if you want your words to be taken seriously, and if you prefer a sophisticated, optimized site. Svbtle describes itself as a "blogging plattform to help you think" and is quite similar in spirit to the media. This could become your favorite blogsite for the act of typing, but it again depends on you want something really easy and don't care about customization.

Maybe because of its old age it blurs the boundaries (the site says "deliberately") between blogs and online communities. WEBLY pays off more than a website building system as something to just create a blog. Logging, however, is also part of the system, and you get easy acces to customizable layout, a heap of free designs, and the common share functions you would want to see to share your words far and wide. What's more, you get the ability to share your blog with other bloggers and bloggers.

Posach. io says it's the "easiest way to blog". But you' also get some customizations, such as a number of topics, the ability to embedded contents from other websites, Disqus comments, and the ability to use a drop box to store contents instead. Really, it's far-fetched to call it Pen. I'm a blog in the vernacular, but it's a good way to write one or the other occasional posting, especially if you don't want to store your name.

You' ll have to take care of this technical issue, but it is a dignified alternate to WordPress if you like to get your palms soiled and have your own webroom waiting for a blog.

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