Free Blog Layout Template

Complimentary Blog Layout Template

Web site designed specifically for Blogspot bloggers. Beginners will not find a better solution than WordPress blog templates because they are easy to use and quick to customize. One of the best free Joomla templates, Zmash can automatically adapt to mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Kindle and other devices. Layout and design options vary depending on the template.

Free Zmash Responsive Blog Template for Joomla

Blogs need simplicity & availability, Zmash Joomla! template aims to offer an easy to read look while at the same time providing a perfectly watchable look. An organization with a persistent blogs habits receives up to 97% more incoming link and an unmatched way to interact with your current and prospective customer base. One of the best free Joomla template, Zmash can adjust itself to cell phones, tablets, desktops, Kindle and other gadgets as well.

Never create a layout or contents for all other screens and display units. Comento is a great toolset to make Joomla comment system easy to use, and gives you the liberty to deal with your community and express your spirit. The best Joomla blog template comes with the Komento plugin.

The Zmash blog template is created with Joomla 3, Bootstrap, HTML5 and Expose Framework.


Megablog themes are wireless. Meg Blog is very smart, fashionable, handsome and engaging and ensures that both the website owners and the readers appreciate the sleek layout of this great blogger. Megablog provides you with a wide range of topic management possibilities to easily customize your website.

Quick to load and light in weight, Mega Blog is well designed for high power even at peaks. It is a state-of-the-art suite of competitively priced utilities and ingenious functions that make the blogbuilding adventure easier and a very compelling topic for bloggers. Comparison between Free and Professional versions. Using the new WordPress Customizer, you can view changes to your WordPress website in near-life, before you broadcast them to your audience.

A variety of layout choices allow the user to modify the look of their website by customizing the page bars at a different location for a particular page or posting. Our Topics give the user the ability to modify the text of the bottom line credits, such as "Copyright" and "powered by" text displayed at the bottom of a website to match the objectives of their website or blog.

WordPress topics have easy yet powerfull topic choices. From colours and layout to Widgets, Menu's and more, visitors can customise various aspect of their website. Our designs' fast-response designs provide an optimum usability across a range of different device and display resolution types, encompassing desktops, tables, smartphones as well as other portable equipment.

Our goal is to offer all our clients world-class technical assistance. Our experienced technical team ensures that your blog is up and running quickly. Create your own children's topic without having to edit the superior topic and without being afraid of loosing your changes when you upgrade.

All our designs feature strong colour choices to vary the colour throughout the design. Twisted commenting is a great way to help your readership track the discussions in your WordPress blog. Simply append drag-and-drop menu items to our designs. It helps your visitors to find information and to flip through different areas of your website.

Although English is the standard of our subjects, you can also have them translated into your mother tongue because our subjects are translatable. User-defined page heads allow you to include an icon of your choosing that serves as a representational picture of your website at the top of the topic cap.

All our designs include user-defined logotypes. Promote your business by using the customized tool to upload an icon that serves as a corporate identity on your website. All our topics are designed to be interoperable with all major web browser platforms. Our designs all feature user-defined menu options. User-defined menu items take your users to the information they're looking for on your site.

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