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The Blogger is the oldest blogging platform still running actively. Complimentary Blogger Templates and Premium Blogspot Templates for direct download in XML. Very responsive; SEO optimized; Free lifelong updates.

Looking to start your own blog, but worried about the expensive web development costs? Everybody deserves a nice design for their blog!

Looking to launch your own blog, but concerned about the expensive web deployment cost?

Looking to launch your own blog, but concerned about the expensive web deployment cost? Starting with a slide flag, you can also speak about your business. Even your own socio med button can be posted here. You' ve got an intelligent magazines and newspapers blogger topic here that allows you to promote your latest messages and reviews in blocs above the top bar.

There is also room for you to publish the link to your latest blog entries on the homepage. Starting with the top menubar, followed by a slide button that presents your latest blog entries with appointments. Embed video on your homepage while posting on the right side of the page a link to your favorite submission.

At the bottom you can see your last blog entry and the name of the writer. No matter if you are looking for a blog for a photo service, a photo site or a blog for your own groceries - here you have everything.

Blog Templates Free To Start Creating Your First Blog | Articles

Over the past ten years, the blog has evolved from an arcane action of the computer freak at the end of the week to an almost omnipresent one. There are new blog posts every single morning and it seems like everyone is blogs about something. So, if you've chosen to launch a blog, you're probably asking yourself how to make your blog stand out.

You can choose a blog topic that is not only suitable for your contents, but also for one that you find appealing. You can choose a blog topic that is not only suitable for your contents, but also for one that you find appealing. Better still, many of the free Blogger templates are suitable for portable view and are fully reactive and can readily be adapted to your unique needs.

Be it minimalistic to slippery and everything in between, here are some great free blogger templates to help you get up and running. When you' re looking for a neat, cool and easy look, a minimalistic blog submission might be the best thing for you. Templates are restricted to a few colours and pictures with pronounced, present type.

You can use a minimalistic style sheet for almost any kind of blog and it's great to put the spotlight directly on the contents. Blog templates for your blog are great for magazines and messages, but can be customized for any use. It is a fully reactive free blogger submission with drop-down menu and thread commentary.

In contrast to many other journal layout, this one does not have a side bar and organises your article in a nice two-column format. A sleek and clear raster pattern is the hallmark of Kalauness, making it ideal for blog posts in journal or photo styles. Specifically developed for bloggers, this pattern has 2 vertical bars, a side bar on the right, galleries and footers.

Shootmag is a blogger artwork designed for film makers, photo enthusiasts and creativity pros. It is a sophisticated and reactive styling that adapts to any display format and allows you to make changes to suit your needs. There is a seperate homepage and blog templates, a large slide control, it's simple to load a logotype, a stylised administrative lay-out and a dropdown list.

Custom Blogger Mask gives you a free premier look with nice type face, contemporary and soft pastels. It is very usable that makes it everyone easily adapt it, comes with great help with socially share button and is very helpful with easily available plug-in to help you generate your trafficking results. The Pratico is a neat, minimalistic blogger style sheet with a fully appealing styling that works well on both the desk and cell phone.

It' s sleek styling and thorough user manual make it really straightforward to adapt. Functions included automatic resizing of thumbnails, raster-based designs, thread annotations, newsletters subscriptions and optimization of advancedEO. Among the choices that are becoming more and more common in blogs are magazinestyle layout. Unlike conventional blog layout, storeroom templates use cover page extracts instead of full-page articles and have a tendency to organise cover page information with most important, not new, contents.

The Flexor is a beautiful 3-column free blogger artwork in the look of a mag in the colours whites, blues and darks. It' optimised for Adsense, page guidance comes with main and sub page guidance, sliders provided, indicators provided, a user-defined ribbon, as well as for Adsense. The Quizzical is a free WordPress Blogger artwork that is a refreshing and stylish two-column mag that' s available for adaptation.

There is a top navigational toolbar, fix width, features, tabs width, and a four-column bottomline. WooCommerce is instantly up and running with this WooCommerce tool that makes it easier to get started shopping on-line, is localizable, and has adjustable custom ization as well as contact and page templates in an appealing look. This is an ultra neat and versatile blogger templates that comes with a good and adaptable blog gingography.

Its fully reactive look includes full featured search and subscription keys, a customizable tag index, an enhanced text editing tool, the ability to include a Hot News section, and many other great functions. A lot of companies and restaurateurs now use blogs to build nice, user-friendly sites that appeal to their clients. These are some great free blogger templates that work well for this particular use, although they can be reused.

The DinnerTime was developed especially for restaurants blog. Comes with a jQuery slide bar, drop-down menu, a 480×60 headers measuring 480×60 scanner headers, related postings, Breadcrumb, Tabbed Widget, a 4-column bottom line, and many other niceties. The Delicacy is a free blogger WordPress style sheet that has a two-column layout with right side bar, slide show, soft bookmark symbols, miniature views, and wallpaper patterns.

It is the ideal place to offer gastronomy, handicrafts and more. Base Business uses a highly reactive themes engine using the skeleton's 960-grid system frameworks to combine it with desktops and portable equipment. It has two columns, minimum size with a right side rail, a 4-column bottom line and many other functions.

The Business First is another model that is specifically tailored to the needs of companies. Bi-colored topic is easy and interesting, comes with a right and left side bar, presented slideshow contents, ready-to-advertise posters, a favorite post-side bar with associatedumbnails, and soft symbols that can be manipulated via the option panels.

Bootstrap 3.1 uses the appealing styling. Several functions contain the single-column page numbering and a 3-column footing line widget. 2. The SkyBlue is a free blogger style sheet with an appealing look and feel. Includes footers, spreadcrumbs, well-formatted thread commentaries and socially bookmarked items among others.

Sara Crush is a neat and versatile blog submission that is very adaptable. That'?s enough to get you off the ground... go blog!

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