Free Blog Templates for Blogger Blogspot

Free Blog Templates for Blogger Blogspot

Bake Blog - Bake Blog Blog Blogger Template - Demo Download - Solon. Blogspot/Blogger templates are designed to be installed on any Blogger/Blogspot blog. Offering a huge selection of blog templates is simple, stylish and affordable. THE DESIGNS IS ONLY FOR WEB SITES HOSTED ON BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT. No more ugly blogger mobile phone styles, all our templates are fully responsive for better SEO.

Describes how to delete'Blogger Templates Create from' from my blog?

A lot of blogs use free templates that have their credit and they know very well that anyone can easily do that. They usually do a JavaScript that can tell if you have deleted the "credits" and encode this JavaScript so that everyone should not change it with difficulty.

Per JavaScript or Jquery. footer_credits''none' You get this tags in the HTML of your topic templates. Go to - Make a blog that is fun and fun. It' simple and free. Then click Edit HTML. There is another way, because some designs don't recognize this visibility/pacity for anyone and forward it to their website.

If you have imported Jquery (which most themmes have), you can use the above source or go with JavaScript. Go to your blog. Choose'Template' >'Edit HTML' and now look for'Footer' or'Credits' in the templates text. "Remove link" and think about adding an additional at the end of the source file.

"removeelink"'copyright''''mycontent''mycontent''Blogger Tempelates''''mycontent''Blogger Tempelates''Am Ende haben Sie''etwas wie dieses :' '' 'dofollow' ' ' ; ' '_blank' . "removeelink" 'copyright' '' 'mycontent' ' ' ' ' ' '' 'dofollow' ' ' '; ' ' '_blank' Next, open it with the 'Notepad'. Scour down to the bottom of the page and look for the source related to the Blogger templates footer/copyright notice.

Then you can browse for'Created by' or'Template by' or the word used in the bottom line. Now in the Blogger templates, you can go to the preferences and deploy the html edit area. Notice: Substitute your bottom line Kredit-ID (#) or Klasse (.) for the #templatedesigner and click speichern Vorlage.

Sign up with your blogger now and open your blog. From Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. Search for the credit/footer hyperlink in the bottom line that you need to delete. Next, insert the following line with your initial copy-ID.

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