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Transform your ideas into a successful blog or website with just a few clicks. Start your own blog without paying a penny. Are you looking for some free blogs to help you communicate with the rest of the blog? No matter if you just want to update with your relatives and your buddies or if you want to launch a blog and create a wider public, we've put together six great websites where you can launch a blog for free.

We will also try to guide you to the most suitable platforms for you so that you can find your way on the right track. Below we'll be listing six different free blogsites to help you pick from. Ideal for...people who own their blog 100% and want to adapt it.

It' perfectly suited for creating a serious website that you want to work on in the long run. is a free and downloadable site, but you will have to create the page yourself. Whilst you can find free WordPress webhosting, a better long-term policy is to buy your own inexpensive WordPress webhosting.

Right now Bluehost is the most affordable WordPress host you can find there, which is best for a blog. Since you host the WordPress application yourself, you have full command over how your website looks and works, and how you make your website work., on the other hand, is the main blog site used for blogging because it is simple to setup, configure and service. However, if your intention is to monetise your work and your writings, you may find obstacles on the way to WordPress. com does not offer full customisation privileges. Ideal for...non-technicians who want a "normal website" feature along with a blog.

The Wix is a free website building tool that can be completely administered via the frontend. What makes this backend so special is that it has drag-and-drop capabilities so you have nothing to do in the backend. What's great about Wix is that it includes free webhosting so you can just lay out the layout, select a theme and you're done.

There is a beautiful compilation of free and premier topics and style sheets for various uses, as well as blogs. In order to start a Wix blog, simply register and make a choice: You can either have the Wix staff design a website using a survey or you can design your own blog - this involves choosing a layout using the WYSIWYGditor.

When you choose the second choice, all you have to do is find a nice pattern and begin adjusting all the elements on the frontend in a lived previews state. If you think the site is finished, click Post and begin to blog your story. Learn more about the difference between Wix and WordPress.

Ideal for....people who just want to type, who want easy acces to a built-in public and don't bother with their "own website". Media is a versatile plattform that deals with various themes, where anyone can post with an email-address. In contrast to most other free blogsites, the great benefit of media is that your article is accessible to a broad public, as the site is attended by 60 million unique users per months (and the number is increasing every year).

It' very easy to use - just log in and write. This means you don't really build your own "space" like you would with WordPress. See this article for more on the difference between WordPress and Medium. Blogs is one of the oldest free blogsites, although its appeal has declined in recent years.

It is a sound choice for face-to-face blogging, but it is not the best tool for professionals. Once you have created it (which is easy), you need to select one of the standard motifs and begin to write down your thoughts. It has an Google+ style API and the text box looks like a Word page.

Generally, Blogger has basic publishing choices, so the emphasis is more on the write part. Ideal for....people who rely more on condensed, image-focused contents and don't need "normal website" function. The Tumblr is a kind of blogsite, just "milder" than the others on the site. Tumblr's user surface is more fun and easier to use - you can just log in and begin post.

Like a normal blogsite, it offers various mail format options for different kinds of contents. Thing with Tumblr is that it is pure for your own use and would not be a good idea if you had business-oriented agendas. Although not designed for companies, it allows you to serve advertisements on your site, use Affiliate Link and incorporate your blog into Google Analytics.

WEBLY is another website building tool that allows you not only to blog, but also to present your product range and your product range. In addition, the site has built-in analysis and allows you to use your own custom domains (for which you have to pay). If you have used one of these six free blogs in the past, we'd like to know about your experiences with it through our comment section below by simply following a few easy hints.

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