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The list of free blogging tools is a great way to improve your blogging performance in terms of workflow, writing quality, and graphics. The Blogger is a free blogging platform designed for ease of use. Get 10 free blogging tools that will make you a better blogger.

This is the ultimative course for blogs using blogs. TUTORED BY A PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR, BLOGGER, & HUFFINGTON POST CONTRIBUTOR.... SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS AMOUNT OF HUFFINGTON POST CONTRIBUTOR HUFFINGTON POST CONTRIBUTOR HUFFINGTON POST CONTRIBUTOR HUFFINGTON HUFFINGTON POST CONTRIBUTOR HUFFINGTON HUFFINGTON BLOGGER HUFFINGTON BLOGGER..... Enhance your typing and blogs by sharing your contents.... Would you like to be able to write more? Are you more consistently with your blogs? Did you share your contents more?

Blogs and writings have become more congested than ever, making it more difficult to differentiate and attract attention. This course's toolkit will help you do just that. Within just a few moments you will find a lot of useful stuff and tricks for..... I wonder how they are released in places like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed?

I am a pro songwriter and free-lance blogspeaker and have been spending the last three years posting and editing for some of the biggest on-line publishers in the globe - places like the Huffington Post and The Blaze. Meanwhile I got to know some of the trading instruments that will spare you a lot of trouble and disappointment.

Blogs are 100% free of charge and have very little, if any, learn curves. Would you like to win (fast) trust as a blogsmith? Would you like to create a fan community and expand your blogsite? Would you like your contents to be distributed more on your own via your own online channel?

I' ve been spending the last few years looking for and exploring these implements the tough way. I will be transparant with you, you can find these utilities yourself. I' d like to help you stay ahead of the game and increase your blogs production.

Blogs Blogger vs WordPress - What is better for making blog cash?

Several of the hints and assistance I will be discussing below have also been previously reviewed in my How to Launch a WordPress Blog posting. So you should review this to get a detailed understanding of what it means to have your own self-hosted WordPress blogs. You' ve chosen to launch your own blogs.

And you know you can make cash on-line only through your own blogs. Blogspot or WordPress? Even more important, they are not sure if they really want to move from one rig to another. I used Blogger for a long while. And I have to confess, I was a little scared at first to change to WordPress.

However, when I realised what I lost with Blogger - mainly because of the missing full command of my blogs and the limited ability to make a living - I quickly realised that I simply had to move to WordPress. That' s why I want to help you understand and talk about this frequent mess and also give you some basic and straightforward tips on how to make this transition from Blogger to WordPress smooth and convenient.

However, if you really only want to make a complete new blogs from scratch and don't have to worry about shifting all your old entries into the new one, you can just go through the How to Launch a WordPress Blogs posting process.

Follow these simple instructions to build your own self-hosted WordPress blogs (via our Bluehost links, it's also cheaper!) and begin earning cash now! Simply think of posting a new entry in your old blogs to upgrade your follower that you are on the move! Well, first of all, let's begin by understand why you might want to switch from Blogger to WordPress.

To ever begin making cash with your blogs, you need to launch your own self-hosted blogs through reliable hosting like Bluehost. The majority of blogs suggest that you have a self-hosted WordPress blogs, and this post will help you so that you can launch your own blogs with ease. Keep in mind: This should not be mistaken for the free edition blogs.

If you want to monetise your own website, these blogging sites, even the free Blogger site, are never a good option. But there are many issues associated with a weblog on these sites. My first issue - the advertiser, company and your readership and visitor, who are critical to earning your living, will readily realize that you are using Blogger or free WordPress.

  • is that there is no indication when your blogs could be removed without good cause! When this happens, you not only loose your valuable works, but also seriously violate your opportunities to earn a steady revenue from your blogs. Purchasing your own $10 Domain Name from Blogger or GoDaddy doesn't even ensure that you own your entirelog!

It' always a more intelligent option to just have a self-hosted WordPress blogs and improve your chance of making good bucks. If you ever want to make a livelihood from blogging, WordPress is your ultimative response! Now before I move on, let's take a quick look back at why you want to be housed with Bluehost on WordPress itself: Would you just like to launch your own new blogs?

Maybe you'd like to read our other post first, which provides a full and easy-to-understand tutorial on how to get started with your own WordPress blogs at the best possible rate. They can also find our Bluehost links to register for at least 12 monthly sessions and get reduced prices from $3.49 per monthly and a free $15 value blogspace!

Hopefully now you know why WordPress is THE place you should be. This means that you are willing to launch your own WordPress blogs or move your Blogger blogs to WordPress. Simply review these easy how-to guides to transferring a blogs from Blogger to WordPress and complete the following step.

Switching may not sound like something that's for you, but WordPress is definitely the place you want to be - put your hand down! A lot of reluctant users hesitate to do the transition from Blogger to WordPress, and of course this is understandable. Don't be amazed if you have the feeling that you should have made the change earlier!

Are you still puzzled whether WordPress or Blogger is better for you? Over and over again you can fall back on the various advantages of WordPress, which we have described above, and think it through. Now if you want to be on WordPress, just a brief tip for you - make sure you back up your blogs and all other pertinent things before you make any big changes.

Sometimes you may want to return to the old blogs because they may not be displayed the same way after the posting. Let's go through these easy stages so you can move from Blogger to WordPress easily: First thing you need to do after you have decided to change to WordPress from Blogger is to get your domains.

You already have aomain? When you want to buy a new brand, you can use our Bluehost URL to get the web host services for a great and reduced rate when you buy a 12 month or longer web host schedule. When you do this, you can also get your domains FREE via Bluehost.

Once you've finished your domains, the next thing for your Blogger to migrate to WordPress now is to get your web host so you can have a self gehosteten WordPress blogs. There are a number of different types of web host available to you, but it is generally better to do so through some of the proven web host offerings such as Bluehost, which is one of the best rated web host providers by many people.

Bluehost gives you the lowest price from $3.49 per month. This means you can have your self-hosted WordPress blogs for as little as $60 a year - and it will be even less expensive if you paid a year in advance. Keep in mind: registering for web hosting plans of 12 monthly or higher is the least expensive way to launch your self-hosted WordPress blogs.... and you'll even get a free blogsomain with Bluehost!

Navigate to Bluehost and click the Log In Buttons. I have a Domainname or use Bluehost to directly register your Domainname. Now you can have your own self-hosted weblog, which is the most definite way to make good cash now. It also means that you now have more power over your own weblog - you can do whatever you want, and there's more flexibility to tailor it than with free bloggers or weblogs.

Or you can simply browse and browse to any topic and give your blogs the best look and feel. And now that you're on your self-hosted WordPress blogs, you can also post your own ads, affilate link or ad directly. But most important, now you're all ready to monetize your blogs!

Notice: If you want to link your already established domains to your new web site, please check out our How to Launch a WordPress Blog article and walk the simple procedure in Schritt 2 and Schritt 3. Previously, you made all the arrangements to actually begin the migration of your Blogger blogs to WordPress.

First, if you are signed in to your WordPress login, you will find the side bar on the right and go to Tools. Then click Import and click the Blogger item. A few important tips directly from WordPress: You' ll need to give WordPress permission to use your Blogger information, just click Give WordPress permission to proceed. Locate the blogs you want to move and click the Import icon.

We will ask you to hold while the contributions and commentaries are import. Revise and verify your category, postings and comment. Notice that some of the hyperlinks from your old posting may be damaged due to your old mailstream. After you' ve got everything up and running, login to your WordPress login and go to it:

Most of the time it will be the custom structure we talked about above when you migrate from Blogger. Googles punishes web pages that contain articles or pages that are identical to another web page. So you would want to reset all your old blogger postings to draft so that you don't end up with two same postings on two webpages.

In addition, you should NOT remove your old post. Besides, your pictures would still be on Blogger, so you shouldn't remove your old Blogger blogs. Just leave it there. It makes no distinction as long as the contributions are in draft state. Remember, before you migrate everything from Blogger to WordPress, make sure your reader or audiences are aware of it.

Please take your moment to write an article about your new domains so that they can always keep up with you. It' very important that you can reroute your follower to your new domains. Enter your new address in the Feed Refirect address box as described below: Deciding to switch from Blogger to WordPress is often hard for most to do.

However - now that you know the countless pluses and pecuniary gains that come with your self-hosted WordPress blogs instead of bloggers or free versions, you should have no doubt about it. Launching a blogs on self-hosted WordPress is just more beneficial and cost-effective. You can not only monetise your blogs through various ads, affilate link or ad serving, but also customise and manage your blogs as you wish.

Take a look at this gorgeous Blossom themes library that you can simply use and customise to best fit your blogs. Take your pick of our basic tutorial above, then in a few quick clicks move to WordPress and enjoy your blogs like never before!

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