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Best free blog background page on the entire interwebular planet. Backgrounds - Twitter - Header - Facebook - Timeline Covers - Goodies - Accessories - Blinkies - Buttons - Sidebar Sets - Custom - Tutorials - Blog Books; Extras. You will love our free blog backgrounds if you do. Wellcome to Shabby Lane Shops Free Blog Backgrounds.

Blogger free backgrounds and textures to enhance your website.

Wallpapers can change the look of our Blogger pages immediately. With the Blogger Style Builder, we can create and set up a new wallpaper with just a few mouse clicks, while those who use older styles only need to put in a few words of coding to create a dramatically stunning effect. This article provides ressources for several hundred different free backgrounds, designs, and texts that you can use to jazz up your Blogger site, along with directions on how to apply this easy but comprehensive effect.

Big wallpapers allow us to show a large individual picture behind the core of our site, such as a photo or supplementary touch-up. This is a collection of great ressources for large wallpapers and textures: Offers a wide range of large backgrounds with a large center console to increase contrasts for the contents of the home page.

This is a nice set of "shabby chic" wallpapers (also free button, banner and other website decorations). Provides a wide range of backgrounds for all your designs. Large backgrounds in large numbers (including full size previews): A dozen of colorful backgrounds organised by categories and styles: This is a small choice of nice backgrounds:

Enormous choice of large photos and texts sorted by categories. An excellent picture finder for finding high resolution, freely licenced pictures. To find the desired picture types, use the Find feature. You can use smooth designs and Textures to fill the whole wallpaper area of our designs.

These are some of the best ressources to find samples for your own Blogger designs: Provides a large variety of color and design style. An enormous, beautiful range of backgrounds (with a few large lyrics cast into the mix). Gives an outstanding choice of high value tiles samples for free use in our designs:

Squidfingers, one of my old favorites, provides pages with sample backgrounds to use. Nearly 1000 free pixels for use as tiles for your wallpaper: This is a straightforward one-page design with a small but fine choice of backgrounds. With this free web-based utility you can make your own custom tileset. An odd galery of Liza Phoenix tiles backgrounds:

This is one of the biggest collection of custom backgrounds. Offers a wide range of repetitive designs and textures: How a wallpaper is applied will depend on whether you are using the Blogger Style Builder or the older layout styles. These are both techniques you can use, with variation according to whether your wallpaper is large or repetitive.

Using the Blogger templates creator, you can easily add and deploy a wallpaper with just a few clicks: In your Blogger Dashboard, go to Design>Template Designer and choose History from the menus on the far right. Please click on the wallpaper tiles that opens a menue that allows us to choose a wallpaper from the standard choice.

From the top right corner of the screen, click Upload Picture and pick the picture you want to use from a place on your computer: to store your selections and return to the wallpaper screen. Use the dropdown lists to specify the orientation of this wallpaper.

The orientation in the upper middle is the general preferred for both large backgrounds and repetitive tiles. It is also possible to select whether you want to redo the wallpaper or not. In general, large pictures look strange when viewed repeatedly, unless they have been conceived to be seamless. If you are using a repetitive design, select the Split check box to ensure that the picture is reproduced both in the vertical and horizontal directions.

When there is room around the outside of your large wallpaper, go to Advanced>Page in the Blogger' templates creator menus and choose an additional wallpaper color from the right menu: to store the changes and savor the new look for your website. This is what you should do if you are using the older Blogger layout style or want to modify the HTML to include your wallpaper:

Load up your wallpaper on an picture catering page. My preference is to load pictures into Picasa as described in this article (opens in a new window). Don't miss to copy the address of your host picture to your desktop copy! Next, go to Design>Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard and look for the following line of code: this line, insert one of the following sections of your coding, and replace YOUR PICTURE UL L. page by the place of your own picture.

When using a large wallpaper: Wallpaper: your picture url. gpg; backlight position: centre up; backlight repeat: no repetition; if you want the picture to be repeated vertical. When using a repetitive pattern: Wallpaper: your picture url. gpg; backgroundposition: middle up; backgroundpetition: repetition; } Vertical and horizontal repetition of the wallpaper tiles is ensured by this coding.

Thumbnail your artwork to make sure your picture looks the way you want it to, and then make your changes. Did I miss any useful information? Hopefully you have found this article to be a useful tool for locating and using wallpapers in your design. So if you know of any useful collection I haven't added, please publish it in the comment field below.

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