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Blogspot/Blogger templates are designed to be installed on any Blogger/Blogspot blog. Please contact us if you are not sure what this means. Complimentary Blogger Templates and Premium Blogspot Templates for direct download in XML.

Complimentary Blog Templates Developed and Builded on HTML5/CSS3

Beautiful handmade blogs website templates, free under the Creative Commons. The Puremedia is a neat and contemporary tool for your corporate and web site portfolios. Fully reactive to all popular browser, HDPI + Retina compliant designs. Furthermore, the submission also contains a blogs and portfolios layout and a working Ayax Contactsheet.

Creative is a state-of-the-art, highly reactive website templates, created with HTML5 & CSS3 and fully compliant with all popular web browser platforms. It can be used for various types of websites, such as agencies, portfolios, landing pages, small businesses and freelance websites. There are also pages for blogs, archive and individual contributions in the templates.

Get 25 free Bootstrap templates to transform your 2018 weblog.

Most of the top businesses, especially marketers, use the blogs as a central tools to take their businesses to the next notch. It' not only the calendars, but also the blogs you create must match your calendars and your strategies. We' ve gathered in this listing free bootstrap templates that will be part of your publishing policy.

When you plan to run a weblog to enhance your own brand, the weblog must be designed around you. Conversely, for business and trade blogging, the theme must advertise the contents and your service or your work. Bootstrap's free templates are simple to use and customizable, some of these templates offer you more than one variation in their pack, just like the free templates.

Opie is a custom web site for people who want to create their own website. The majority of your own templates are about the creator of the blogs and include many branding features. As an example, in this example you have a large statical heroic picture in the head area of the homepage to show a picture of you.

Day choices are also given on the blogs page so that users can quickly find the articles they are interested in. Just like all our templates, this one offers a side bar to include a organic section, widgets and newsletters registration form. Your template's homepage is long, so you can create as many sidebars as you want.

The text typefaces used in this pattern have a classical write styling pattern. Foode, as the name implies, this pattern is intended solely for use with the Foode brand name. Pictures are one of the key components of our nutrition blog, so your reader can sense the meal. You can easily insert pictures of any size and orientation into this pattern, which is full of picture carriers.

Text is also made fat and large enough to make it clearly legible under the large pictures. At the top of the homepage you will find a full-width picture merry-go-round where you can present some of your best prescription contributions. Some of the pictures on the homepage are in vertical format, so that a part of the pictures can be cut in the roundabouts.

Bright coloring of this pattern looks appealing on the pure whiteness of this pattern backdrop. Inside this tutorial you have an Instagram Widget merry-go-round with a hyperlink to your affiliate in order to multiply the number of your Instagram follower. The Libro is another face-to-face weblog submission, just like the opium submission above.

However, this pattern has a different look and feel. It is also a good option for flu sufferers. In the entire pattern, the entire length of the pattern is reserved for the addition of your pictures and other advertising content. When you are an influenceer with tens of millions of followers, your own custom look will enhance your own unique image.

Every blogs item and the detail of each item is stored in the right pane. You can find picture carriers of all directions on the blogs page. Easily attach pictures of any orientation, this preset adapts the contents accordingly. In order to give you more room on the monitor in this imaginative styling, all navigational possibilities are located behind the Hamburg menus.

Content has also been intelligently organised in TabletView and TabletView by the author of this templates so that the user can easily interoperate with this templates. Developed for bloggers, the design of this blog germplasm minimizes the amount of visible effect and provides a cleaner reading experience.

Word Smith is an interactive blogstyle website blocking submission. Contributions are displayed on the weblog page in gridstyle with vertical format. Map rotations such as cartoon animations are used in the head frame merry-go-round. Standard artwork of this pattern is a great choice for your technical weblogs.

The text typefaces used in this document are printed in font and are clearer, making them easier to view on both desktop and portable workstations. An individual blogs posting page is organized like a company blogs by completely preferring the contents of the blogs. The blogger's favourite side bar is absent in this submission, this could be a small problem for some blogs.

There' s plenty of room for both image and text content, so your content looks clean and more interactive. Every standard element of your blogs, such as quotations, highlighters and newsletters, is also included in this templates. When you are looking for a suitable blogsign for your website you are looking for, this is the best choice for you.

When you are fascinated by the above Foode artwork, you will also like the Fanton artwork. Fanton's artwork follows a life-style blogsign. You' ll find many contemporary, classy web items in this templates to present the contents to the user in an appealing way. There is a large square in the top panel reserved for the company logos, which allows a better presence on your website.

The next times the users think about your blogs, they will recall your blogs logos with ease. Covering all the items you'd normally find in a pro-newsletter, the side bar in this style sheet gives you all the features you'd want. You can even get advertising spaces in the side bar so you can monetise your website with ease.

It' a multi-page design, so you have all the base pages pre-designed for you. The only thing you have to do is to define the submission and share your contributions with your readership. Per default, it uses a rose colour theme, if you want, you can change the colour of the theme.

It uses the latest CSS3 frameworks, so it can support all contemporary colours. Suff is a fashionable, eclectic website design pattern for blog ging and magazine. Featuring rectangle and quadratic table of contents, this style sheet gives you plenty of room to include both pictures and text. The colourful pictures appear lively and optically attractive on the pure whiteness of the backdrop.

Standard artwork of this pattern places value on both pictures and text. Stylish typefaces are used in this style sheet, which not only looks fashionable, but also makes the text easier to read. On the homepage, you also have the possibility of adding picture roundabouts for postal pictures in order to offer the user an inter-active adventure.

Postal format that you receive with this submission are videos, picture postings and regular text postings. This is an HTML5 HTML templates that makes it easy to insert multi-media information. One of the best blogs website templates for content-rich websites and newsgroups. It''s easy to create a website with the help of the templates' easy-to-use interface.

Visually enhanced features are used to draw users' attention to important topics and the latest articles. It' a multi-page submission so you can categorise your contributions and display them on different pages. On the homepage, too, the content is grouped into different catagories so that the users can find what they want with ease.

You can use a three-column theme on the home page of this site to create a lot of content on the home page. All in all, the world is a well thought out, useful bootstrap weblog website submission. In the standard style of this pattern, the content is displayed back to back like an Ayax page. Originals is an online website tool for life style blogs and blogs.

Pictures are the most important factor to consider in a voyagelog. Standard layouts of this templates contain many web items to make your pictures look elegant. Travellers can address their guests with their pictures and the pictorial effect gives the pictures a vivid feeling. The pictures and text are clearly legible on the clear blank backgrounds; they give colourful pictures more fullness.

In the upper pane, you can insert interactivity text to send a welcome note. Not only does the gooey top scrollbar offer a better navigational choice, it also gives you the ability to incorporate call button for your subscriptions. Directly above the bottom line you have the possibility to insert instagram streams.

A Sasha is one of the best Bootstrap website blogs submission templates that you can get for free, over time. Yes, there are no other free templates with so many functions and accurate designs. For what kind of blogsheet are you looking? No matter what the guy is, this submission will have a page lay-out for this blogs.

Using this submission you get five home page variants, all five have a different layouts, which makes this submission one-of-a-kind on this free bootstrap website weblog submission site. First and foremost, this site is intended for blogging, so the pages contain different kinds of posts. So, if you are looking for a style sheet that you can easily translate to WordPress, this style sheet is a good one.

Since all the fundamental work is complete in this pattern, your design work is significantly scaled back. Every homepage variant follows a uniform minimum look, with plenty of whitespace this temlate will add wealth to the contents. Delicious blog, from the name itself one can conclude that this submission is a website for foods.

You can use this templating to present tasty pictures of foods to your customers in an elegant way. The colourful pictures of the dishes appear more lively and optically attractive on the pure whiteness of the backdrop. The best part of this preset is that you get the Picture Patterns checkbox for the backgrounds. Designers have designed this artwork intelligently enough to process contents in both clear and visual backgrounds.

Directly under the headers slide bar you have a mail class flag to take the users directly to the grocery class they like. The Side Bar allows you to include information about the area, community content link, favorite articles, and the subscription forms for the newletter. July is a branded website design for your own use.

This clear, unadulterated pattern enhances the visual impact of text and images on both small displays and desktop computers. Shade effect is used to emphasize important web items. Underneath each article on the homepage you have the possibility to display the number of preferences, commentaries and exchange possibilities.

You have an automatic screen controller with UI elements in the head area so that the UI can operate the screen controller. By the way, Bootstrap is a web site for blogging grocery webpages. Its standard design also makes it an ideal choice for photographic webpages. On the homepage you only have the possibility to attach pictures, you can use hidden effect to show the mail titles and other detail.

On the homepage there is an picture carrier for both the horizontal and vertical format pictures. Nav bar choices appear in the gooey side bar on the right, and you can also include your own profiles link to your favorite sites. The whole underside follows a clear pattern, the used colour pattern also fits to the minimalistic look of this pattern.

Also in this pattern the same importance is attached to the typography when the correct choice of typeface is used, so that the pleasure of experiencing this pattern in readings is a pleasure. Sport is by standard a website design pattern for a magazin. When used as a clipboard artwork, the Sport can process any type of content you go through. These templates can process multi-media content as well as regular text content without any problems.

You also have room for advertising posters in all desired heights. Thus, you do not have to be afraid to create room to attach banner images. Additional useful web items you get with this sample include slider images, roundabouts, and clean web element motion animations. The Technews is a great website submission for reviews and websites that are very busy.

When you have a large editorial staff and post for each lesson, this is your style sheet. It is a easy, uncomplicated website presentation that displays pictures and text directly without the need for motion graphics. Tech News website templates use the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, so you can modify this templates to create an immersive look.

Using this pattern you get a longer homepage, which gives you enough room to insert any amount of content. Many blanks are used to clearly display more pictures and text. Irrespective of how full the segments are, the blank area compensates for the clear arrangement of this pattern.

The Blanca is a great basis for your individual blogspecification. Here's a full overview of what a state-of-the-art blogs site should look like. Designers of this templates had provided you with a number of advanced web features to make this design highly customizable. When you are about to use this style sheet without any changes, then this style sheet is the best choice for your life style Blog.

For more information about apparel sites, take a look at our free templates page for apparel sites. Contains all web items and designs to enhance your own unique marketing brand. A full-width instagram widget can be added in the bottom line. If you want to build an interactivity website, then you need to personalize some according to your needs.

Articles is a customizable website submission that is more suitable for both blog ging and small message submission. The Blanca artwork does not give you animated interactivity, but it gives you more interactivity on the web. Featuring fashionable fat text, this design fulfils the needs of today's reader.

Web items are all scalable to fit your device, so you can count on smooth end-to-end service across all device models. As all the fundamental features of today's web sites are included in this templating, the developer's workload is greatly simplified. The only thing development people have to worry about is customizing this templates to their individual needs.

It follows general coding norms for the website, uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks. blogger is a hybride blog and accommodation templates. Web items and the blogger's lay-out make it a great choice even for small hospitality sites. It' a one-page design, so you have to design the remainder of the pages you need yourself.

You will receive a sophisticated interaktive homepage with this pattern. Visually manipulate your content with stunning effect features such as parallel axis and small motion animations. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Frameworks, so it is not a difficult task for the developer to edit this clip. As with most HTML5 templates, this HTML5 templates is speed-optimized, mobile-optimized and even interoperable across browsers.

Magnews, as the name suggests, it is a website submission for messages and journals. It is a totally different concept from other newsgroups. Featuring large pictures and richly animated interactivity, this model is easy to use. Visually appealing features abound in this design, which is also a distinctive characteristic of it.

Rather than using the same monochrome colour theme for Widget, this pattern uses different colours for the Widget. In the upper toolbar you have the possibility to integrate the registration and other important hyperlinks. TeGazette is another feature-rich bootstrap blogs website submission. There are many interacting web items in this temple that keep the users up to date with what's going on around the globe.

This is the ideal tool for message pages, overview pages and technical blogs. Not only is this pattern optimised for viewing on the move, it is also optimised for viewing. Directly below the scroll control is the time-stamped version of the latest version of the latest version of the flashing press. Part of this pattern almost follows a classic style of web page layouts with headlines, posting pictures, and a sideline.

They also have the ability to add movies to the templates, the movies open in a seperate light box to give the user more complete controll over the game. The Shout is a media-rich website presentation for voyage loggers and life style loggers. Because of the versatility of this look, this is the best choice for all kinds of blog.

You have a slide control in the headline for the picture in vertical format and a fixed position is reserved for the welcome notice and the positioning of the logos. Most of the templates consist of three columns that process both pictures and text. Picture mounts can also be used as picture controls to achieve an interacting effect.

Visually enhanced content adds value to this neat looking website. The HTML5 templates can process both videos and sounds, so you don't have to be concerned about mediaompatibility. Philosophy ist a multifaceted bootstrap website submission that is suitable for all kinds of weblogs. Here's a sample that gives you all the functionality you would normally want from a blogsite.

Using fat text, this pattern attracts your eye at the desired point. The three columns layout gives this model enough room to display as much information as possible on one page. It follows the page break format, so you don't have to bother about load times. Directly below the posting lists you have the possibility to display favourite articles and information via your own profiles.

You can also include content for videos and added voice. In order to do justice to the simplicity of this template's styling, the applied optical effect is subtile and tidy. The Suppablog Bootstrap is for the influencer and the blogger who expects more customization. When you are about to run a business blogs, this is not a good idea for you.

These templates focus exclusively on substance and brand-name. They can even use this blogs to create website templates for your website. On the homepage you will receive a divided screendesign with a statical picture on the right and pictures on the right. Stylish side bar on the far right offers better navigational possibilities for users and also provides room for add links to your site's profiles.

From the right on the screen and in the cell phone the menue point is extended fully, the menue point is displayed like a regular Hamburg. The Bona is a basic Pinterest Style Boards Website Web Site Model. Using the advanced Web Map Format, this pattern efficiently handles both image and text content.

In order to prevent the same tedious raster, this pattern uses divided screens to interrupt even tuality. For every posting, you can emphasize the writer of the article, as well as show the number of preferences, commentaries, and view. It also uses ajax-based homepage designs without page breaks.

Using this style sheet as a basis, you can either build your own customized style sheet or simply attach this style sheet to your current web page templates. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Frameworks, since it uses the general purpose coding standards, adapting this templates will be an easier task for them.

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