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Free download official themes for Google Chrome Web Browser As a Google Chrome customer, here's some good stuff for you. There are many beautiful free designs published by Google for his web browser Chrome. 2 kinds of topics are available for download: Select the topics you want by selecting the "By artists" or "By Google" options.

They can also be sorted by favorite, referral, trend and rating. To try these themes, you can visit the Google Official Theme Gallery to get them: In order to use a design, just open the above GoogleChrome link, select the design you want and click the "Apply Design" icon.

How do you feel about these issues? Still using the standard topic?

wallpapers for desktops

Humans like to personalise everything. It' s therefore no wonder that tens of millions of people around the globe personalise the computer screens they look at for countless hours every single day. Typically, a 5 hour a-day user is on-line and looks at different parts of their computer, from their browser to their e-mail client to their desktops.

These are beautiful pieces, but most of us would like to personalise the look of the backdrop and look at something more interesting. This is where user-defined desktops and images come into play. Basically there are quite a few hundred sites out there that have gallery wallpaper to select for you.

Websites like and offer literally hundred of themes to select from for your wallpaper. Just click on the wallpaper you want and use it as your wallpaper, and the new design will make your wallpaper come alive. At any time you can modify and try different topics.

Let's say we want to make this nice topic our wallpaper for the desktops. In your browser, open a new tab 3. Do you want to see a wallpaper like this.... Choose "Set as wallpaper...". View Preview and then click the "Set as wallpaper " icon. Maybe the Halloween topic isn't really your kind of music.

Copy the above with one of the hundred themes from our themes galleries. Maybe none of the themes in our galleries fits your personal taste, you can design your own browser themes and use them as your wallpaper. Two themes to jazz up your browser and one to jazz up your computer's wallpaper.

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