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You can easily download, customize and print these map templates. These are available in.DOC format. Simply download one, open it in Microsoft Word, and customize it before printing. Several of our business cards can now be adapted online free of charge and downloaded as PDF files without using a Word document editor.

Create your own business card for commercial printing easily with free pre-built templates for MS Word.

Free Business Card Templates for Microsoft Word

The creation of your own business card artwork from the ground up with Word is a great way to enjoy the pleasure of experiencing severe frustration. We' ve worked through the kinks after a lot of grief and suffering and now you can prevent similar grief by simply download one of the free business card templates below.

As well as business card templates, below we've told you how to use them - how to insert your company name, how to change colours quickly, and how to quickly copy and insert your business card. In your nearest business market you will probably find 2 major kinds of business card cards:

Ten tickets per page or eight tickets per page. It is the aim of the 8 per page form to give you a colour that stretches to the border of the card. Our business card templates are all conceived for business card formats in our industry leading business card format: "5 "5" x 2" Load the Excel spreadsheet to reformat it and generate the calender for any year, then copy it as an image to the business card style sheet.

As well as being straightforward and challenging, the print job is also gentle on the prints. There is no need for a colour translator, but of course you can modify the text to any colour you like. Although it is a grey level, you can modify the colours as you like. It is recommended to keep the text whiter with a more dark colored back.

Use this card to add a wallpaper that needs a blank backdrop. This business card style sheet uses two large colour strokes that you can modify with ease for more effect. Green and brown, together with the angular colour strokes, create a very intense feeling of organicity. When choosing a different colour theme, make sure you match colours that match well.

This business card is designed to keep the most important information (company name, your name, titles and e-mail) separated from the background information. The colour reaching to the border of the card makes the card easy to make but still powerful. This card has a very contemporary and neat appearance thanks to the decentralised blank card holder and Santa Terif lettering.

These business card templates are very brave with their full colour application. When changing the colour, I suggest to stay in monochrome mode (with different colours of the same colour). The business card will definitely distinguish itself in a lot of mostly blank business forms. The business card is similar to the 10-C type above, you agree that it uses the advantages of the page size, which allows the colours to go to the extreme of the card.

The fine distinction enhances the card's proura. TEXT: When you open the document, you will see that only one of the business card contains text. There is only one business card to process as you will copy/paste later. GRAFIK: We find that one of the most important things you want to do with these templates is to select your own colour schemes, so we tried to make this easy by grouping all the draw items (lines, backgrounds, etc.) so that you can modify the colours all at once.

If you use Word, pasting character shapes and pictures can confuse things, and sometimes it actually takes an experienced person to find out why something goes awry. There is no warranty that the following will work in all Word editions, but hopefully you will get the basic ideas and can reformat the items and pictures as needed.

Word 2003: Position the pointer on one of the business card. Navigate to Paste > Pictures > From File... to paste your brand. You can also double-click the photo you just pasted into your business card or choose Format > Photo. Once you have added or edited a drafting item, use the Chooser to choose it, then go to Format > Items.

From the Format Object or Format Picture dialogue boxes, go to the Layout page and choose Behind text or In front of text (under Wrapping style). It has been found that the position of the targets in relation to the site results in the greatest possible interoperability between the Word and OpenOffice releases. We' ve created our templates so that you can process a unique business card and then copy it to the remainder of the business card on the page.

Every business card displays a single row within a spreadsheet. Place the mouse pointer in one of the business card. You may not see what you are seeing on your monitor when you are typing (especially when graphical items are used), so test useless business card types on a normal sheet of white papers before typing 100 of them.

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