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Do more selling online with our scalable PHP shopping cart platform. Free download, customize and start! The testing is free forever, no credit card required.

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Bring your e-commerce website up and run quickly - without breaching the banks. There is no transaction charge, no big money order charges, no insidious additional charges like you get with "free" e-commerce toftware. Now or in a year or two, as your on-line businesses grow, just adding more functionality - no worries!

X-Cart is the only PCI DSS compatible piece of hardware that you can run on your own dedicated computer servers. By seamlessly integrating with key payments gateway applications, your e-commerce shop can begin sales today. Every day they tackle and resolve many issues on the basis of the practical experiences of everyday life on-line work. Offer your products on-line. What I wanted was purchasing softwares that didn't take a percent, that could be optimized quickly, that offered full-time assistance for difficult tasks, and that had many affiliates and Mod builders that could be integrated seamlessly into their softwares.

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It is a service version that has also repaired a new XSS exploit found by Zekvan at Netsparker. It is our pleasure to announce the publication of 6.2. In particular the GDPR-Tools were expanded by the agreement to the logging Cookies and many cleansing tool were provided in order to clear the Mailingliste, customer and orders.

Service version 6.1. 6.2 Version notes - Please see! These functions necessitate skins to be updated if you are not using the Foundation standard 6.2 skins. It has a clear cache-on-demand utility that significantly optimizes the system and reduces your servers workload. That means that changes to the stock or configurations made in the administration console are only taken into account on the frontend of the shop when you click on the "Clear cache" icon.

You will find them at the top right of each page of the administration console. If you do not need to make any changes, we recommend that you empty the entire system tray regularly at the end of each administrative meeting. Failure to clear the memory can result in up to 24 hrs of changes being displayed.

Now 2 has a "double opt-in" for registration in e-mail marketing and a utility for creating a full client information reporting on the basis of an e-mail message. You can find these in the "Customer" section of the Administration Control Panels under the "GDPR Report" register card. Customers can be "forgotten" by canceling their accounts, subscriptions to newsletters, reviews and orders.

GDPR reports can be used to print or save as PDF files for your customers and/or to delete their information from the system. In order to be GDPR conform, please ensure that you have an appropriate information security statement that should contain other information such as the use of cookies for each website.

The GDPR is still a very bewildered and missunderstood topic of which there is no uniform answer for every company.

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