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Réferenzen[edit] CG artist work in close cooperation with games director, arts director, animator, games designer and levels designer. Creative CG artistes (typically engineering artists) also work with games developers to make sure that the artist team's own 3-D models and asset work as intended within a games environment. Creative CG performers often start their careers with a diploma in art, computer sciences or art.

There are 7 pages for free 3-D models

I' ve found 7 pages that have really fantastic and 100% free 3-D models. Be sure to look only for.obj,.3ds or Cinema file, as some models are only available in Maya or Max format. Also, be sure to read the copyrights information to make sure that you are good to go into all of this.

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Free 50 pages to download free 3-D models - Best Of

In addition, you don't have to be an AutoCAD technician to build a 3-D CAD drawing for your needs, as this task is performed by many 3-D modeling sites. So either you want to make 3-D pieces of jewelry, a mechanic or even humans or animals, here are 50 of the best free 3-D modeling sites to meet all your needs.

More than 8 million styles and models, of which CADs are included, thanks to the biggest network of design professionals, engineering professionals and student body. Another website with more than two million three-dimensional models available in different data format such as 3DS, C4D, FBX, MAX and OBJ. Clara. io is hosting 100k+ free 3D-models in different sizes like Babylon.

JS that work in different designer apps. has a 81k+ model library organized in different category like appliance, bath, decoration, cabinet, cooking, materials, texture, etc. The Thingiverse, which prides itself on being "a world of things," offers more than 50,000 three-dimensional styles and models organized into collectibles. MiMiniFactory is a curved plattform that presents 45k+ models in 3-D.

Authorodesk Online Gallery, Autodesk's online gallery, houses around 44k+ models. In addition, anyone can post their own 3-D models. Kulte contains 19k+ three-dimensional models. Models are clearly sorted by category and easy to browse. The Free 3-D Models range includes a 19k+ model library in 3DS and GSM format.

You can search the 3D-models, but they are not sorted in any category, like on other pages. FluidSquid provides 3-D models in multiple file sizes such as 3DS, C4D, FBX, OBJ and more. There are 18k+ models on the site that are also fully siftable. hosted a wide range of models, ranging from automobiles, electronic, motorcycles, plant, sport and more, with a 10k+ model library.

Fre3D is a library of more than nine thousand models, presented in many different formats including animal, electronic, plant, sport, vehicle, etc. gathers, hostels and displays over 9k architecture models organised in various classes such as armchairs, beds, chairs, sofas, tables, etc. Archives is another library that houses seven thousand 3-D constructions in many different types such as devices and facilities, furnishings, structures, etc. provides 5k+ three-dimensional models available for downloading in several different catagories and different file types in 3DS, C4D, IBJ, ZTL, etc. 3-Dmili has more than four thousand styles and models in different catagories or interiors, furnishings, textures and technologies. Stock provides million of royalty-free asset items, 3.5k+ of which are high-quality 3-D models.

There are also many free models that have been posted by the Fellowship. Diexport provides 3k+ models prepared for 3-D print. Styles are available in various sizes - 3DS, C4D, MAX, OBJ, STL and many more. Another place where you can either browse or load models is the 3-D Warehouse. The models are organised in architectural, designer, etc. category.

Sweet Home 3-D gives you more than a thousand 3-D models. This design covers all the many things in the home and includes stools, writing desk, sofa, table, etc. 3DS CAD Browser provides dozens of models for 3DS Max, Blender, Maya and other modelling applications. They can be found under category or you can even look for them. has a library of 3-D models in 3DS, C4D, MAX, SKP, and other file types. Another website with hundred of models is There are models in various catagories such as architectural, natural, technological, traffic, etc.. NASA's 3-D Resources library houses more than four hundred models of all types of stellar invention and other things, among them missiles, satellite, etc.

AutoCAD Elements Free provides a library of thousands of free CAD models, from AutoCAD 3-D building blocks to SketchUp component parts, SolidWorks models, and more. The Design Connected range includes hundred of high-quality 3-D models and patterns of design furnishings. More than three hundred models of luxury automobiles from Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, etc. and many conceptual vehicles are housed in it.

Everyonenotion offers different chapters with plans, models, script and other material. According to reports, it contains several hundred models that are also accessible. The 3DXO is home to about two hundred models that are distinguished by their designs. Models range from tanks, household goods, wardrobes, plants and more. TEXTURE SketchUp contains more than a hundred model catagories under titles such as chair, home, kitchen, lounge, desk, office and more.

The DMI Car Models offer a range of models in different types of vehicle like busses, stunning automobiles inclusive race car, tank, trailer and truck, etc... The Free Base contains more than a hundred high-quality 3-D models of various elements in various sizes. Craftmanspace presents 3D-models in different sizes.

More than 100 models include models of pieces of jewellery, a model of a piece of jewellery, a model of a piece of jewellery and more. Mr Cast houses over a hundred 3-D models of various homes and furnishings, including seating, kitchenware, couches, closets and more. Bloggscopia has a selection of more than a hundred models of various articles such as climate control systems, bathrooms, mailboxes, trainers, tree trunks, etc..

At Viz-People we hold a library of free 3-D models. It' a compilation of about a hundred free bikes. Hum3D provides many free 3-D models that can be submitted by a collective of people. Contains models of cartoons and toy like weapons, robot, etc.. Smithsonian Institution houses around 70+ models. Even though it is not sorted by category, you can quickly find the models.

Our club offers you different high-quality 3D-models. More than 50 models are on the site, which include light globes, candleholders, lights, mirror and much more. ContentCentral hosted several models in different format. Models for several small parts and electronic articles are included, as well as chip and connectors. Model+model, despite its strange name, host models of high value properties in 3DS, FBX, OBJ, etc. format.

There are models for mobile telephones and trays. Approximately 50 models of various objects of daily use such as fruit, flowers, vases, etc. can be found in the Vienna Park. Not all models are available free of charge. Archtec model scanners offer high-resolution three-dimensional scanning in OBJ, PLY, STL and WRL format. This ranges from anatomic to industial models.

The Unity Asset Store is a library of 3-D asset models, complete with gameplay asset models, creatures, rocks, monsters, science fiction and more. 3-Delicious gathers and presents many free three-dimensional models, which you can either collect or save and save. is another website that has a small selection of models sorted by category.

The Oyonale project houses a library of 3-D object repositories, among them angelic wing, pieces of jewellery, spectacles, weapons, turrets, etc.. The Bentanji is a market place for outstanding 3-D models and texts, and also provides some free downloadable and useable models and themes. Works By Solo provides some free 3-D models, such as small games and other high detail artifacts.

The Renderpeople owns some 3D-models of persons. The models work in several programs, such as 3DS Max, Cinema4D, SketchUp and others.

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