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Church WordPress is completely free and very useful for those who run churches or charities. Attractive HTML theme has a large footer widget area so you can implement multiple widgets, e.g. for sermons or sharing your latest blog entries. People behind the churches need to consider an online presence to better involve the fellowship.

The Malaka Free Premium Church website is a well-designed WordPress theme and was best developed for church sites.

Freeware Responsive Church WordPress Topic

It' simple to find a free WordPress topic for the congregation out there, but this is not another free church topic for WordPress. The church motif is a very adaptable, fast-reacting children's motif for WordPress. Kirchen-Thema takes over all grand-parents topic functions, enhances WordPress Customizer for uploading user-defined logo, user-defined headers, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined colors, user-defined CSF files alive, large bold footing widget area, etc.

Use this church motif on any kind of website you want, without restriction. WorldPress gives you liberty, Christ gives you liberty.


WordPress replaces all other networking systems when it comes to the versatility of a content managment system. It is this that makes WordPress a great resource for anyone of all backgrounds to have their own website on the web. WordPress's magnificence that creating and managing websites has never been easier.

Also the strength of WordPress and the marvelous communities that surround it makes it a great solution for non-programmers to create a nicely designed website in just a few moments by using WordPress themes. The WordPress themes have made it simple for anyone without programming skills to customise the look of their website.

Today, our goal is the best WordPress topics available to the churches. To have an offical website for a particular church will help the fellowship as a whole. The website could inform individuals about forthcoming church incidents and occurrences, and increase their involvement in matters of religion.

For those who want to redesign their church's website, these are the best themes of the free church, which you can easily set up and customize. These are the top 10 free church WordPress topics that your religion could make the most of.

Church, is one of the best Free WordPress topics, intended primarily for churches and other faith-based and nonprofit organisations. This topic is well suitable for the website of a church, as it represents the presented picture on the homepage and attracts the visitor's interest. Additional main characteristics included a user-defined logotype, user-defined backgrounds and slide show pictures, real-time RSS reader, user-defined Widgets, broad and dedicated bottom area, WooCommerce integrated assistance and much more.

WordPress is the best way to get your church's website up and running. It is a minimalist subject that attracts the user's interest, especially through the picture merry-go-round on the homepage. They can also use this topic to advertise goods for sale on-line or to run a church blogs and announce forthcoming parties and outings.

Speak about a little more personalization and a WordPress visual for your community, the Zion Church topic fits best. The HTML5 and Responsive-ready WordPress topic has been developed primarily for church and other non-profit use. Featuring a customizable look, four different colour layouts, an images merry-go-round with homepage, a section for forthcoming shows, the ability to load multimedia assets such as voice and videos, and the whole topic is widget-ready.

The Zion Topic creates a Google Maps Directions Widget when the church's location is typed into the WordPressashboard to make it comfortable for first-time churchgoers. A further important characteristic is the staff page, which shows all ministers and clergy who are in charge of the operation of the church. Zion is the best possible choice for a church with a limited financial means and a state-of-the-art web-architecture.

MALACA is a free Church WordPress topic basing on the Bootstrap frame, offering functions that make optimal use of both the Bootstrap frame and WordPress. The Malaka is tailor-made to meet the needs of the churches to perfection. There are three major kinds of user-defined posts - services, meetings, and homilies, which are key elements of a church's website.

User can easily choose a mail types and refresh the contents accordingly. Postal service allows the Church authority to enumerate all the available postal service offerings and the particulars of the related personnel. Event mail allows you to generate and administer your own event via the website. You can also upload your messages to the website using audio/video embeddings with this WordPress topic.

In addition to these functions, Malaka provides an individual picture merry-go-round for the homepage, which can be modified at the user's discretion. Bible quotations, customized styles, and customized flags are some of the other main characteristics of this topic that make it a great addition to your church website. The Simple Church is another free and minimalistic WordPress topic for your church or non-profit organisation.

Simple Church, clothed in white, black and a little touch of red, is the best minimalistic free WordPress themed place where you can design your church website. As with the topic above, this topic provides custom mail items such as event messages, sermons, and services. The free WordPress topic also includes rules to integrate a coming event agenda in the side bar that gives users simple information accessibility.

In addition to these functions, the Simple Church themes also offer an animated glider with homepage, a special page for your medium downloads, built-in help for uploading user-defined logos, and a widgettized bottom line. Everything essential for your community website is appropriately addressed by this free WordPress topic. Created by FabThemes, Faith is a free WordPress topic that fits neatly with churches, nonprofit organisations and other similar organisations' Web sites.

Facith themme provides many user-defined mail styles such as - preaching, user-defined news, event, service hours, contacting us page and so on. Any of these topic items can be simply chosen or unselected from the Topic Option pane. Featuring many important functions such as user-defined postings, user-defined postal taxes, thumbnail views, theme choices, monetization flags, home page images, and more, the Feith Topic provides a wide range of functions.

Even though the subject of faith is full of characteristics, it hardly conveys the impression that many characteristics are incorporated directly into the homepage. The Faith Topic is the ideal solution for your organisation if you are looking for a free, feature-rich topic for your community website but don't want to overburden it. Another free WordPress topic, addressed to nonprofit organisations and church groups, is Grunge themed.

Just like the ones before, this free topic provides a feature-rich tool that can easily process anything related to a church website. Green Grunge Free themes include a customized homepage with a picture merry-go-round, an upcoming event page, an event schedule, a side bar widget, customized logos and more.

The free topic also allows the user to set up a press page where all homilies and news can be posted on the website so that the visitor can keep in contact with events in the church. User-defined navigational menu and generous headers and footers are some of the main extra functions that make this free topic a great addition to your church website.

The Versatile Church is an incredibly powerfull free WordPress topic that provides many customization options and features. When you are looking for a WordPress topic for your church that lets you build the colour scheme that best fits your organization's cultural needs, Versatile Church might be the best solution for your needs.

The free of charge version provides limitless colour scheme, a fully reactive lay-out that fits perfect on any device of any shape and size, an individual picture slide merry-go-round for the homepage, an individual icon download and much more. Aside from being the most appealing WordPress topic for your church, this free topic succeeds in conveying all the advanced functionality without compromise in terms of style.

Event lists, media pages for the upload of sermons in the shape of audio/video/files and a complete widget-capable design are what this free topic is all about. If you want a colourful, lively, feature-rich website for your community, use this free topic. The Stylish Church topic is another great free WordPress topic for your church.

Even though you wouldn't get limitless colour themes with this topic, you get four colour themes to select from for your website. Other important functions such as a user-defined demo download, an integrated picture merry-go-round with a user-defined homepage, an event schedule and a user-defined mail client for audio, visual or just a news item are also available.

The topic also creates a route description to your Church Google Maps Widget when you refresh your WordPress widget adress. Use this free topic if you want a minimalistic yet feature-rich website for your community. While Responsive Brix is not a Church WordPress topic in itself, the inherent versatility of this topic makes it a great case to consider for your Church website.

It' minimalist, and the WordPress topic in fat is quite quick in its store, which makes it easier on our server and better with the Google browser. Its design is ultra simple to customise, quick to respond, features many colour layouts, over 300 font choices, portable and retinal type, powerful support for advanced graphics (SEO) and much more.

Rapid load speed and extremely adaptable design make this themes a great addition to your church website. But if you are looking for something brave and contemporary, with a much better feel for controlling the look and feel of your website, Responsive Brix would be the best choice for your church website.

HTML5 and CSS3 compatible, this WordPress style sheet is widget-ready and provides a variety of layout and user-defined mail styles to meet all your church website needs. The Charitas Lite is a free repetition of a high-quality WordPress topic, which is particularly directed at non-profit organisations. Charitas Lite may be just the thing for you if you want your church's website to be an eye-catcher and have a contemporary narrative style with visible allure.

User-defined mail items that include this topic include causes, project, event, employee, contact, and more. Those user-defined postal guys would also help your church collect funds for various philanthropic organizations and programs, cause causes, and engage the church. More than 18 Widget are included in the design.

The appealing design features boundless colour themes, donation collecting, topic choices, multi-language, custom mail type, customized menu, parallax and more. Charitas Lite is about a feature-rich topic for your church or other nonprofit group. So if we are at the end of this best set of free church WordPress themes, which ones did you pay the most heed to?

And if you don't mention one of your favourite free Church WordPress topics, please don't hesitate to post a note below.

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