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That is why we recommend working with a free WordPress classifieds theme. Use the classified WordPress themes to create a classified Web site, place ads on it, and instantly earn money from those ads. Set up free or paid packages so your users can add their own offers. Upload WordPress (free) and install it on your server. They can select whether you would like to offer a free or a liable to pay the costs advertisement entry to your users.

Which is the best topic for classified sites?

That is a frequent issue when setting up a classified ad page. Folks get angry about what topic they should use and spends tens of thousands of dollars adjusting their themes. I always suggest using a default topic when launching a classified ad site and focusing on how to market and acquire users, not how to create.

That' why at Yclas you can build your own classified ad pages and we add 14 of our latest themes to each one. Changing them as often as you want and adjusting them with infinite options. In order to make any classified website that you need to make a reasonable research and a listing of the best classified topics, as Wordpress is a great site for the development of classified web pages with a set of wp functionalities and a number of required Plugins. via the web you can find a number of classified topics, but before buying you need to consider the following points:

All you need to look into a classified WordPress topic while you buy it! There are many themes you can get on WordPress and you can customise it to a fantastic classified website interactivity. A few of the best topics are: d) classified advertisements etc. Thanks, Classipress and classiera are some well-known topic for classified website.

Best 15 WordPress Classified Topics for Online Ads 2017

Listings or classified webpages are some of the most frequent webpages that we use almost every day. Classifieds such as Yelp are becoming part of our everyday life. So if you can set up a well-designed on-line classified ad for your town, you can quickly establish a big name.

As an alternative, you may also be interested in writing a vacancy ad, a car sale, or general classified web site for your town. To create one of these Web pages, you need certain WordPress themes. Today we present the 15 best WordPress classified topics. Classified WordPress topic from Templatic comes with "Easy Install" function that lets you quickly duplicate the demonstration look on your website by clicking a template icon.

CertifiedEngine is an award-winning WordPress topic from EngineThemes. The ad spec contains special pages for ad submission, ad display, ad browse, and vendor page sourcing. You can monetize your advertising in various ways, such as pay-per-post, with advertisements, advertising space rentals, etc. Built-in custom izable custom izer allows you to manage different aspect of the website from one place.

You can use more than one widget-enabled area to view standard or customized widgets. Click on the widget-enabled area to view the list of available widgets. 2. Not only is the topic WPML-compatible, it also has an integrated interpreter. It would be possible to further expand the SEO-optimized topic by buying further enhancements. From AppThemes, ClassiPress is another award-winning WordPress topic for the development of a classified website similar to Yelp.

They can select whether you would like to supply your coworkers a free or a liable to pay the costs advertisement entry. Easy Builders allow you to create user-defined shapes, adding boxes, selecting types, sort order, and so on. Classified WordPress ads is a easy but efficient classified topic by sitemile. Using this beginner-friendly topic, you can quickly turn your normal WordPress page into an intuitively classified listings page.

It is able to provide all the key functionality without the need for a third-party plug-in. Because the topic has a user-defined mail style for the offers, visitors can quickly create a new ad entry within a few moments. You can also use the design to include user-defined boxes and specify the expiration date for your advertisements.

Listify is a classified topic for WordPress, as you can see from the name. WooCommerce compliant topic allows you to build any website you want, incl. homes, cars, tourist, home, grocery, restaurants, etc. In contrast to most other classified topics, Listify also looks after the aesthetic aspects. Since this classified ad motif can support various WordPress Bookings plug-ins, you can also provide reservation-based service from your website.

If you want to earn some extra cash, you can use the Topic Premier Classified Information to give your customers ad placement opportunities. The WordPress Classifieds theming is a mighty overarching topic created by Premiumpress. Different kinds of classified websites can be created by adding sub themes to this overall topic.

Topic Developers page will list more than 20 listings pages created with this site. It is also possible to see a thumbnail of the administration settings. Fully attractive design provides full Google Maps, removal and geolocalization capabilities. Simple pull & dropdown home page layout are useful to build a customized home page for your website.

Enhanced searching tools help users find what they're looking for. In addition to the free bundles, you can also generate additional bundles with extended functions. Classics is a wonderfully crafted WordPress classified topic with many high performance customizations. In addition to the usual picture and text displays, this topic also includes video displays.

This WP templates allows you to allow your visitors to buy or resell something on your website with ease. Or, you can insert user-defined arrays to give more information about the booking. Further useful features are the PayPal, BannerPress and Layer Slider functionality. CLASSICRATCH is another favorite WordPress listingsheet.

A fully customized home page of the topic contains all necessary functions like searching, listslider, featureured listings, etc. Only one classified list page is conceived to contain all the information for prospective clients. Classicraft has an integral tendering system for monetisation purposes. Its fully reactive design also offers eight colour schemes.

Create this award-winning WordPress ad themes using high-performance technology such as HTML5 and CSS3. Handcrafted themes give your website a distinctive and appealing look. Because Classify is based on the Bootstrap frame and retina-ready, your website will look great on any machine, regardless of your display size.

Featuring full blown ad booking capabilities for BPress, Layer-Slider and Google Maps, Classify enables you to create a fully loaded classified ad site. Several other useful functions of this WordPress classified topic includes supporting videos ads, user-defined shortcuts, subscription schedules, community content, Google Fonts integrations, etc. The FlatAds themes were an integral part of ThemeForest because of their great designs and workmanship.

Featuring natively supported plug-ins such as WooCommerce, MailChimp and more, this WordPress Yelp cloning topic allows you to build fully reactive classified Web sites in WordPress. Latest release of this preset includes user-defined category field functionality that allows you to further adjust your category and subcategory. FlatAds' infinite colour scheme allows you to select any optional website colour you like.

It was easy to translate the WPML-compatible topic into other language support. And last but not least: The topic works well with WooCommerce and PayPal payment. With a superfast folder filter engine, Globo is an excellently classified WordPress submission. Based on the Redux Framework, the section on Design Simplification allows you to modify various facets of your design.

You can also provide additional revenue from your website through our Premier Memberships. Globo provides both Stripe and Brilliantree payments gateway support for payments handling. Klassifikator is a full-fledged advertising motif for the development of attractive list and directories pages. This topic contains all the functions you need to create a member or subscription-based Web site.

Classifier is fully embedded in BuddyPress, Google Maps and WPML and makes it very simple to give your users extra functionality. In addition, the cross-browser design also supports multi-page styles, user-defined links, embedded community and automatic sizing of thumbnails. The Jobify is one of the most favorite WordPress classified ads themes.

Everything you need to build a career portal is included, but with a user-friendly surface. It comes with a bunch of demos and tonnes of ready-made page layouts so you can get your site up and running in less than 5 mins. You' ll also get WP Jobs Manager assistance, enhanced searching, site filtration and WordPress editing using WordPress Editing combined with superior power and state of the art SQL techniques.

The possibilities for adaptation are rather restricted, but sufficient to make them more individual for your trademark. Indeed, the main thrust of the topic is to accommodate job opportunities and not divert the visitor with themselves. Pro Automotive 2 is a versatile, high-performance classified website development tool for WordPress car purchase or sale.

Full-featured styling looks great in any display format and dissolution. PayPal and WooCommerce help you to run a fully-fledged company with this topic. You can select the full -width or box layouts, the raster or lists views, etc. for the possible layouts. Introducing an easy to use homepage creator that allows you to make fully custom home page themes.

Functions such as extended searching and Google Maps integrated are useful for you. It also comes with several user-defined Widget that can be used in different widgettized areas of the pattern. Of the same creators who have published classifiers, Directories is another premier directories listings topic for WordPress. This WP topic allows you to quickly and easily build an appealing folder that lists websites.

Advertisement submitting is a straightforward function that allows users to place advertisements directly from the front end. The function slide control on the home page will help you present some of your most beloved offers. Its fully reactive design works seamlessly with all current WordPress releases. To consider other niche issues:

Some other WordPress classified topic? Those were my selections for the best classified topics for WordPress. If you have already used one of these topics, please tell us your experiences by posting a review below.

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