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You can download our free CV templates written by experts. With a range of different industries to ensure your resume is perfectly tailored to the job. Get a free CV template (Curriculum Vitae Template) for Word. Customize this accessible template to reflect on your performance and create a professional-quality resume.

133 CV template files for free downloading in Microsoft Word size

Shall I add a picture to my resume? However, your company will probably find a picture of you on-line. And if you're not sure yet, please see our articles "Should I attach a CV photo?" to discuss the advantages and disadvantages. While all future bosses will want to be informed of your accountabilities, most will also want to know what you have accomplished for each boss, whether it was to smash a sale goal, run a winning market launch, achieve expense reductions, or just implement a new trial that would help the company work more effectively.

Fall flaps are a really clean way to give a hint of atmosphere to an otherwise modest resume. Never have you encountered drops before, it means a bigger uppercase character at the beginning of a section. A lot of folks have no clue that you can use Microsoft Word to paste folding boxes, but it's a fast and easy ploy.

After you have fitted the flaps, you can adapt the sizes to your needs and preference. Check out our videotape to see how you can apply drops to your resume. It is important that your resume is the first image a prospective employers has of you, so it is important to keep it tidy and correct and to make the best possible sale.

In combination, your CV and cover note must prove that you have: the motivations for the position; the abilities and competences pertinent to the position. Recruiting new employees is expensive in recruitment, hours and education, so recruiters tend to be applicants with good long-term perspectives.

If you are not competing for a career in creativity (and can thus warrant a small licensing fee), your future boss will be looking for a properly presented, detailed resume that follows a conventional curriculum vitae so that he can quickly find the information he is looking for; not something that looks like a real life arts work.

If you choose from your resume template from our library, don't use too many colors and make sure the typefaces are easily readable; a little bit of flair is tolerable, but simplicity and cleanliness is the best way to do it. It should contain the following: A few folks here give their date of birthday. Your average life is really not at all important as to whether you are eligible for a position unless there is a particular demand on the position for which you are seeking employment, so there is no need to accept it.

It is also not necessary to state your civil registry number. As your future employers are likely to have many hundred resumes to check, use a heading to stand out and tell them that you are exactly what they are looking for, referring to the items in the vacancy descriptions you are meeting.

An example of a goal - extend who you are and enclose what you want: I' m moving to Birmingham and looking for a similar position with a partner in the near term. If you have just completed your degree, however, unless you have several years of pertinent practice, change these stages so that training comes first and work practice second.

Provide more details for your newest and/or most important position and try to customize what you contain to the position you are seeking. Where you have been in charge of monitoring and/or educating others, state this and to what extent. It is sometimes useful to say why you want to quit your present position or why you left, but only if it is a matter of a non-judgmental cause such as relocation or duplication.

Never, ever criticise your bosses in your CV and pay close attention to what you say about them in interview - you can give your future boss the feeling that you are a tough or grumpy one. When you have not remained in a position for long, you should tell your future boss why, if there is a good explanation - for example, that the rolls were all temporary/contract work.

Per each item, include: Begin with the most pertinent one first (e.g. those required in the advertisement ) or, if none are particularly pertinent, with the most recent one first. You may also be able to enter an apprenticeship that you have undergone in your present or former position under a new "apprenticeship" section.

These can be e.g. brief training sessions in common applications like MS Word and Excel. It' pretty self-explanatory - the place where you can do all the pertinent business membership or awarding such as Microsoft Certified Engineer" or Certified Scrum Master". List under Capabilities any special abilities that are of relevance to the position, followed by any abilities that may be of interest to your employers.

Engineering abilities - such as the capacity to encode in a particular idiom such as PHP. Type skill - with quickness, even verbal input if you have already done so. Knowledge of administration/secretariat - e.g. stenography, accounting, etc. Make sure everything on this checklist is specifically and very pertinent to the work.

One good way to list your software talents is to indicate how you gained them in relation to certain project or experiences. My work as a Oxfam voluntary worker organizing parrots in outlying parts of the world has improved my ability to build collaboration between different groups. Pay particular attention to the abilities listed in the advertisement.

These are some software skill sets that you may find proof of: In short, often executive coaching is about defining directions and strategies, while executive coaching is about communication, inspiration and drive. Add all the tongues you know and the language competence you have. Use this section to help your boss judge how well you blend into an established staff, but be very careful with what you type here - let it be to go to the bar, meet your boyfriends and anything else that makes you feel like a pet, but don't even have your collections of trains, stamps and coins.

Indicate any sport or exercise activity you participate in, as this will help your employers recognize your interest in your well-being - healthier people are better than unhealthier ones! Do you need more instructions on what to add to the "Interests" section? It is common to have your present employers listed as one of your credentials, but it is quite reasonable to put "references available on request" if you have not yet agreed on your plan to continue with your present one.

Some things you should NEVER put in your resume. Naturally you can talk to humans and keep your appointments - you can also simply type "employable"! If the look is not in any way related to the task, do not attach an image. What you look like has nothing to do with how well you can do the work, and you give men the chance to apply their prejudice right or wrong.

Now, you've customized your resume template, run a misspellings check for your final resume, and get a few guys to review it for you. It' s not hard to overlook small mistakes if you have been working on something for a long while, but they do indicate that your future employers are lacking detail work.

Hopefully you have found our résumé template library useful. The London School of Economics and Political Science='http:> - an extensive resource pool of resume and covering letters that will be useful in adapting your resume template to your needs.

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