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Check out our free plan and upgrade to foliodrop PRO at any time. Agency Plan allows you to manage multiple artists and portfolios, whether you have a model agency or a photo representation. The 10 most important portfolio pages for designer More and more in this era of socially responsible communication, more and more design professionals are turning to portfolio hosting services to help them split their work. Similarly, more and more customers are using portfolio pages to associate with the creator of their dream. Whilst there is some discussion about whether face-to-face portfolio pages are going out of style, portfolio pages that are hosted provide the undeniable advantages of enhanced transparency, fast connectivity and ease of use.

Already in 2014 we divided our top 8 portfolio sites for designer. Wix makes it simpler than ever to present your design to potential customers with easy-to-navigate Wix style guide functions. Select from hundred of fully personalizable free samples available for free download or switch to paying subscription for more. Behance, a company that Adobe owns and operates, was created with the belief that creators should spend their efforts and energies to create, not nurture, and promote work.

Attractive to million of attendees around the globe, Behance helps top designer companies communicate their work to a truly international public. Adobe CC customers can submit their work directly from the Adobe cloud to Behance, and Adobe CC customers can also submit their work to Behance. Designer can also use the Behance Worklist to look for professional and professional work.

Besides portfolio housing, Krop provides an extended jobs exchange and a specific assortment of hand-picked portfolio items that are regularly up-dated. Affiliate - Free trial restricted to 10 pictures; $9 per $9 trial. 99/month with limitless pictures, customized galery style, videos and a customizedomainname. Driftbble is a show-and-tell designer comunity.

It started as a small side venture and has grown into a viable business that assists design professionals to divide their work and find work. Driftbble editors are sharing small screen shots of their work. Ongoing ventures are welcome so that attendees can gain an insight into the design proces. Tribbble has a more light-hearted, community-based atmosphere than some of the other portfolio pages it hosts.

Designer thumbnails share their work, so it's quick and simple to flip through many design objects. DRIBBLE also has a jobs exchange, an on-line shop and meeting groups throughout the state. Affiliation - Driftble is free for a designer, but the option to post a screenshot or comment is subject to an invite from an established member of the club.

In the tedious task of building an on-line portfolio, Carbonicmade immerses it in a universe of longhorns, moustaches and magical squids (or are they octopods?). It offers high value portfolio of designer from all over the globe, with the added advantage of a user friendly environment that is just enjoyable. Currently with more than 800,000 portfolio holdings, Flashmade allows designer to customize their portfolio pages to fit the look and feel of their work.

Member - Free upgrade to 5 35 image project versions; upgrade for $12/month to 50 project versions, 500 image versions, 10 video versions and other eye-catching functionality. The Coroflot homepage shows that this is not just a website for graphics and web design professionals. Coroflot's design portfolio ranges from 3-D print preproduction to mountaineering equipment to confectionery packaging.

Founded in 1997, Coroflot houses more than 2 million pictures and over 150,000 design assignments from college and professional designers around the globe. Coroflot is celebrating all aspects of the design environment where some portfolio pages focus on graphics design. This website also provides an online jobs exchange and a current design content leader.

More than 80,000 creative professionals, from design professionals and illustrations to modeling and architecture, make up the website. Design-portfolios are clean, uncomplicated and quick to react. Select from a small range of portfolio topics, customise your typefaces and colours, and begin to share your work with the whole family. Member - Free 10-day evaluation; $6/month Free Software Plan, $8/month Studio Plan, $19/month Agency Plan.

Schedules contain user-defined domain names, HTML and CSS processing, Google Analytics, passwords and more. With Viewbook, you can create your own portfolio website using a single design user surface. This website seems to be aimed mainly at the photographer, although all designer are invited to present their high class pictures. Fully reactive, Viewbook delivers the promise that your portfolio will look as good on a desktops computer as it does on an iPad or telephone.

This site provides a wide range of different ways to view your pictures, as well as mini-portfolios and project files that can be displayed next to your primary site. Member - 30 days free evaluation; $19/month or $190/year for a customized domainname, Cloud Hosted and special technical assistance. Cargo Collective's website creators come from the fields of arts and design, and the website demonstrates a dedication to promoting cultural creativity.

This cargo deck doesn't feel like going to a design studios, but rather like going to a trendy Kunstgalerie. You can browse the cover page continuously through an infinite collection of photos, artwork, magazines and other high-quality design works. Member - Free base services, restricted to 12 3 page and 100 megabyte (.MB) hosting sites; upgrade to $66 per year or $9 per month for unrestricted sites and sites, unrestricted bandwith and extended HTML and CSS processing.

One of the most user-friendly and yet design-friendly pages to date is Format. Publishing and managing your design work gallery is just a click away, and you can add gorgeous design artwork to present your work. Line heights and character spaces can even be manipulated with a few easy mouse clicks something you don't normally see on your daily portfolio website, especially if you can try it for free!

Do not hesitate to post comments with your favourite design portfolio website! Shaffer is a web and games design professional with a passion for community-based education.

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